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Dermatology Services for Children

Dermatology services are not only offered to adults for improving their overall appearance and counteracting the signs of aging, but also for children and adolescents who suffer from various skin problems such as acne, eczema, molluscum and other skin problems. Paediatric dermatology is a part of dermatology that addresses the skin problems of children ranging from all age groups. The problem with skin disorders in children is that they cannot always clearly explain what is wrong or what is bothering them exactly. Trained paediatric dermatologists at the New you are well-versed with children care. They examine and treat the children in ways that eases them and keep them relaxed. Stay assured that your little ones are in safe hands at theNewyou.

Some of the common children services provided by aesthetic dermatology section of theNewyou are treatment of acne, eczema, birthmarks, hair disorders such as alopecia, vascular malformations, hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating, molluscum, warts, nail
disorders, dandruff, tinea and vitiligo.

Acne among children and adolescents is acommon problem that should not be ignored at any cost. Acne can be triggered by hormonal changes and certain medicines and it is treated depending on the severity of the breakout following methods of acne surgery and peelings.

Molluscum is a common skin infection in children that is caused by a virus and it spreads by touching the affected area. It leads to the development of painless bumps on the skin of the face, neck, arms, hands and chest.

Ear deformity is a common birth defect among babies that can be cured by infant ear correction system that corrects ear deformities permanently. It is a painless and non-invasive procedure. It is important to deal with this problem as early as possible because a deformed body part can have negative impact on the child’s emotional and physical development.

So, give your child the perfect treatment he or she deserves with the children services from theNewyou and secure the future of your little one.