Hair Growth Treatment with Stem Cells

There are many misconceptions about hair growth treatment using stem cells. Although the need for hair growth is most commonly associated with heredity male pattern baldness; however, that’s not always the correct diagnosis. Other causes of premature hair loss may be the result of traumatic events such as severe burns or head trauma sustained in an automobile accident as well as hair loss on other limbs of the body.

Thanks in large part to breakthrough stem cell technology, current research studies are yielding positive results giving men in particular a boost of self-confidence.

Furthermore, it’s important to point out that embryonic cells are not used in the procedures. Instead, Autologous stem cells, or cells taken from your own body that are used in hair growth treatment.

While there’s a cloud of ambiguity surrounding the innovative stem cell treatment, it’s potential to offer a safe and effective alternative solution for individuals suffering embarrassing hair loss.

The Facts about Hair Growth Human Stem Cells

While the topic of stem cells is usually one that’s guaranteed to be the catalyst of passionate debate; however, the fact is that the human body has the ability to replicate almost any cell type within the body. Additionally, stem cells are self-generating, or have the ability to generate identical copies of themselves, which means that they eventually split into more specialized cells.

In terms of regenerating hair growth, specific stem cells are engineered in a lab into hair follicle cells. The newly regenerated cells are then transplanted into areas of the scalp replacing damaged cells; thus generating new hair growth.

The Biochemistry of Hair Growth Treatment with Stem Cells

The basic procedure of promoting renewed hair growth in layman terms is as simple as the newly engineered cells being transplanted into regions of the scalp replacing damaged cells, which gradually generates new hair growth.stem cell therapy for hair

Hair growth treatment typically uses autologous stem cells, or fat cells taken from your own body. Autologous cells re in fact more effective in generating new hair growth as compared to embryonic stem cells from unborn fetuses.

Dr. John Satino, clinic director for The Hair and Scalp Clinics in Clearwater, FL, and the medical director Dr. Michael Markou, a lead investigator for the Merck Pharmaceutical clinical research on Propecia, “have run and administered some interesting tests and documented success with alopecia areata patients in re-growing hair in a patient’s bald patches.”

Currently they are taking on test patients and beginning to document and test the long-term effects of this treatment to test its viability as a long term solution for hair loss.” Satino goes on to clarify the procedure uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) which is isolated from an individual’s own blood.

The Benefits of Hair Growth Treatment with Stem Cells

Although hair growth treatment with stem cells is still an innovative procedure, it has fewer side effects when compared to other transplant and topical treatment options. One of the greatest benefits is the fact that it’s a permanent solution. Also, adult healthy scalp cells could potentially be transplanted to various others damaged patches of the same adult scalp; thus no need to use the controversial embryonic stem cells.

Hair Growth Treatment with Stem Cells will definitely be the new Rogaine of the 21st century!

Can Stem Cells Re-grow Hair ??

Scientists have learned there are cells within the body called adult stem cells. Adult stem cells are the only cells that can become any cell in the body. According to the National Institutes of Health, the primary role of adult stem cells is to maintain and repair tissue. As we age cells become more susceptible to degenerative disorders, health related issues, and even hair and skin deficiencies.Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy with platelet rich plasma (PRP) uses the body’s own cells to target areas where it is injected to aid in healing and in regeneration. (PRP), when injected into the scalp, often results in healthier, thicker looking hair and in many cases results in hair re-growth, especially in the vertex and crown. Although not all patients can be guaranteed to grow new hair, most all patients report a change in hair caliber resulting in thicker looking hair. The cells used are taken from the patient’s own blood without anything added. This allows the procedure to be very safe. Although one cannot expect the results of a hair transplant with this procedure, below are some exceptional results that we have encountered.

StemCell Facelift:

StemCell Facelift is a complete facial rejuvenation procedure without involving any surgery; it is the process whereby the hidden genetic potential of adult stem cells is awakened. The procedure restores the youthful contour and shape of the face as well as skin tightness and evens out color irregularities cause by the aging process and environmental sun exposure.

StemCell Facelift utilizes the latest in anti-aging facial rejuvenation technology by using your own chemistry and cells with platelet rich plasma technology and manipulating collagen induction. This is also referred to as autologous cellular regeneration (ACR).

Autologous cellular regeneration harnesses a new approach to clients seeking an increased and natural method to rejuvenation. The treatment naturally increases the levels of collagen, keratin, hyaluronic acid, and elastin in your skin, and promotes angiogenesis, components that decrease with increasing age. Used in combination therapy it can also potentiate the results of other anti-aging modalities.

The StemCell Facelift is an operation which can achieve a truly realistic younger look. Further, the benefits of the stem cells increase over time, and include making the skin virtually glow by making the pores appear smaller, reducing pigmentation and reducing wrinkles. Stem cells cannot accomplish everything in many cases, so it should be noted that the skin also be tightened if it is too loose.

Concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma Technology

Platelet rich plasma possesses incredible regenerative power; platelets release numerous growth factors and attract stem cells that stimulate proliferation of fibroblasts and keratinocytes which produce collagen, elastin, and keratin. The stem cells from the growth factors can change into epidermal cells that are normally present in the outer layer of the skin, fibroblasts in the dermis or even pre-adipocytes which are cells with the ability to convert into fat cells, important in the face to maintain plumpness. At the same time, production of new extra-cellular matrix, hyaluronic acid, and production of microscopic vessels take place.

Platelet rich plasma is easily separated from blood, through a process of centrifugation. Using your enriched plasma permits the body to heal faster and more efficiently, because your own plasma is used, there is no danger of disease transmission, anaphylaxis or neoplasia.

Treatment Areas

  • Peri-Orbital Region
  • Nasolabial Grooves
  • Total Face
  • Neck and Décolletage
  • Dorsum of Hands
  • Scar Revisions