The New You Clinic is the epitome of health, well-being and beauty. It is well-known to offer comprehensive solutions to different types of cosmetic concerns. The primary feature of our clinic is to help our patients and clients attain the highest potential of their health and beauty in all dimensions. We are able to cater to our clients with the latest medical tools, treating the root cause of skin problems. The exquisite clinic brings some of the excellent skin treatments from across the world exclusively for our valuable clients. We address all kinds of skin concerns so that you can finally have the skin you have always wanted.

An Introduction to the Best Cosmetic, Skin and Plastic Surgery

Best in Class Cosmetic Treatment

At The New You, we offer skin treatment with effective results. We assure to
leave no stone unturned to offer nothing but the best, to our valuable clients.

Laser Hair Removal

There is no burning/damage to the outer layer of the skin. The treatment time is very quick & there is literally no downtime.

Scar Removal Surgery

Feeling self-conscious about your figure can make it really difficult to be confident and can even stop you wearing outfits.

Fractional CO2 Laser

Liposuction surgery is one of the most prevalent cosmetic surgery in India and around the world and it is preferred.

Breast Surgery

Fillers are a wrinkle treatment that helps to replace lost collagen for areas such as glabellar frowns, nasolabial folds.

Micro Needling RF

Acne is a common skin conditions affecting the adolescents, teenagers, and adults having an oilier complexion.

Rhinoplasty Surgery

Many people are unhappy with the size, shape and position of their nose, so if you are feeling this way you are not alone.

Perfect Bodyshaping Treatment


Liposuction is a well-known cosmetic surgical procedure that reshapes specific areas of the body by removing excess fat deposits.

Breast Cosmetic Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery is a type of surgery that can improve the size, shape, and fullness of the breast with breast implants.

Weight Loss - Obesity Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a highly effective surgery performed to help a patient lose weight. It is one of the safest medical procedures for weight loss.

Tummy Tuck Surgery

Feeling self-conscious about your figure can make it really difficult to be confident in yourself and can even stop you wearing outfits

We Offer Cosmetic Treatment using the Latest Technology for Best Results


Cosmetic Procedures
100 +

Gynecomastia Surgeries
100 +

Liposuction Surgeries
100 +

Our Highly Prolific & Talented Team of Skin Specialists

Dr. Deepu Chundru

Chief Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Deepu Chundru is a highly educated and experienced cosmetic surgeon. He is a MS in General Surgery and MCH in general surgery.Β  Adding another feather to his hat, he has earned fellowships in Aesthetic Surgery from Rio De Generio, Brazil, and NewYork, USA.

With his years of dedicated medical service, he has successfully performed a range of cosmetic treatments such as Breast Surgery, Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Gynecomastia, and Rhinoplasty. You must consult him for undergoing any type of cosmetic skin treatment.

Based on 96 reviews
Tulip Pilut
Tulip Pilut
I’m writing an anonymous review for obvious reasons. I had grade 3 gynaecomastia and got surgery 2 months back. The surgery went great and recovery was painless. The hospital was very clean and the staff were very very supportive. Dr Deepu is available anytime over WhatsApp to answer questions and concerns. He answered all my questions patiently. 2 months after surgery it is very hard to identify i had surgery. He changed my life. Thank you sir πŸ™πŸ» I have only one life and you enabled me to live it to the fullest. I am more confident now in all aspects of life - work and relationships. Before surgery, I used to have dreams in sleep from time to time that my gynaecomastia disappeared but used to wake up with disappointment. You made this dream come true. If we compare the quality of his work/service with how much he charges - he is basically doing charity πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»
Vishnu Depur
Vishnu Depur
Had a wonderful experience traveling with you sir Dr.Deepu when we approached you with my grade 4 gynecomastia you guided us well and explained briefly about the entire process Iam really happy with the results post surgery your interactiveness really boosted me up. Thanks for this wonderful transformation and hope this review helps others to make the right choice.
Muddassir Mohiuddin
Muddassir Mohiuddin
I underwent my gyno surgery a couple of months ago. Dr deepu is an expert in this field. He is a phenomenal doctor and guided me throughout my recovery phase and cleared all my doubts before my surgery. The initial days were a little painful, but after a week everything came back to normal. My experience was very good and this surgery changed my life in a good way.
Divya Pillai
Divya Pillai
I just recently got my abdominoplasty done with Dr Deepu.. I am just 5 days post surgery but the immediate results that I saw after the 5 days of surgery stunned me.. the pain is less and recovery is faster.. the care that they take of the patient at Parvathy hospital is so warm that u don’t miss home too much.. during surgery as well Dr Deepu was so calm and made me understand as to what was going through and helped me calmly go through the long surgery.. He is indeed a brilliant surgeon.. he came everyday and checked on me and the progress I made.. the Anaesthetist Dr Bhoopathi sir is also a brilliant doctor.. his epidurals never hurt, as he also was my anaesthetist for c sec at Parvathy 3 years ago (under Dr Swati which is another miracle story) and he takes care of his patients post surgery so well.. I am so glad I took this decision to undergo abdominoplasty at Parvathy Hospital under Dr Deepu.. he just knows to work magic on his patients.. thank you sir.. thank you staff and Nurses (they are the best) and thank all doctors who were so friendly and patient with me.. I made new friends too during my stay.. the best team in Hyderabad.. the name of his clinic is perfectly apt to my present state of confidence - the New You- thank you sir
Professional, Sensible, Customer Centric, Available for Patients, Understand the problem, Good Hospitality and lot more to say. When it come to an medical it's very imp to choose right doctor who can solve ur problem in ONE GO. TheNewYou is the right name for this clinic. Wonderful hassle-free experience. U will understand every positive reviews are not fake when u visit the clinic. Really Worth It. Thank you Deepu doctor for your committed Service.
Siddhartha Moulik
Siddhartha Moulik
Gynaecomastia was a long term problem for me along with hesitation and embarrassment. After this surgery, I have been able to come out of that phase. The entire process of surgery and follow up post surgery has been very smooth. Dr. Deepu and other staffs were also very sincere and careful. The charge of the process is also very reasonable compared to many other hospitals. I would certainly recommend others to visit there if needed.
AB Ali
AB Ali
Dr.Deepu is a star! Since the first consultation I got the gut feeling that I was in safe hands and I was absolutely right. He is professional friendly and approachable. Most importantly Dr.Deepu is the best plastic surgeon out there. Amazing results and outstanding service. He has shown true commitment to solve my issues. We are still addressing them, but he has made me feel I’m in good hands.
Kaustav Mukherjee
Kaustav Mukherjee
I had wanted to get my gynaecomastia surgery done since 2018, and after this long wait, I found a great doctor- Dr. Deepu Chundru. I live in Kolkata and travelled to Hyderabad to get the surgery done from him because of the positive reviews i heard from my brother who had undergone the same surgery by Dr Deepu. He heard all of my concerns and cleared every doubt. The surgery was successful and I am really happy with my results. I was prescribed the right medicines so the recovery is going well as well. Dr Deepu is very understanding and sweet natured and i was blessed to have found such a doctor. Thank you Doctor. πŸ™‚

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