Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast Augmentation surgery in Hyderabad is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures available today. Whether you are considering reducing, uplifting or otherwise enhancing your breasts, theNewyou center offers procedures from the highest quality experts in their field.

Breast Augmentation Surgery If you would like to change the size or shape of your breasts, or you feel that one is noticeably bigger than the other, you are not alone. Our surgeons perform hundreds of breast surgery operations every year and we understand that there are many different reasons why women choose to have breast enlargement, breast uplift, and breast reduction procedures. We specialize in all types of breast surgery and ensure that the results of your surgery give you the body confidence and boost in self-esteem that you deserve.

Breast Enhancement/Enlargement Surgery

Breast Augmentation Surgery in Hyderabad Commonly known as the ‘Boob job’, Breast enlargement surgery is our most commonly performed procedure for women and many patients report a boost in self-confidence following the surgery. If you are unhappy with the size of your breasts, we advise that you book in for a consultation with our highly experienced cosmetic surgeons. During this consultation, the surgeon will talk you through the procedure in detail, discuss the size and shape of breasts you wish to achieve and answer any questions you may have. At theNewyou, we use Mentor implants in the breast augmentation procedure, to give a natural look and feel no matter what size you choose. There are different ways to insert breast implants and the best way for you will be discussed in detail during your initial consultation.

Breast Reduction Surgery

“Patients report this procedure as ‘Simply life changing” Women with overly large breasts can suffer from physical discomforts such as back and neck pain, and feel self-conscious about their bodies. If you feel that your breasts are out of proportion or are affecting your body confidence, we advise that you book in for a consultation with one of our experienced surgeons to see if breast reduction surgery could help. During your initial consultation, you are encouraged to ask as many questions as you like and to discuss the results you hope to achieve from the procedure. Your surgeon will also explain the procedure in detail and ensure you understand the recovery process. We also regularly perform breast reduction for those women who want breasts that are in proportion with the rest of the body, or who want relief from back or neck pain caused by overly large breasts.

Breast Uplift Surgery

“Gives a rejuvenated appearance and a lasting boost to self-confidence” It is not uncommon for women to find that the fullness of their breasts is lost after childbirth, significant weight loss or simply due to the natural aging process. An increasing number of women are opting for breast uplift surgery to restore the natural fullness to their breasts and feel confident in their bodies again. Breast uplift surgery can be performed on its own or be combined with breast implants to achieve fuller, natural-looking breasts. Breast uplift surgery is most commonly performed on older patients whose breasts have lost their fullness due to the natural aging process, and on mothers whose breasts have lost their shape and support due to breastfeeding.

Breast Enhancement Surgery

Breast Enlargement is one of the most widely performed procedures in the UK. So, if you’re unhappy with the size or shape of your breasts, it’s important to know that you’re not alone. When you’re not completely confident in your appearance it can be difficult to be yourself, but there are ways we can help you to look and feel fantastic. The first step to a new, more confident you is a consultation with a member of our qualified team. During this initial session, you will be invited to ask all your questions to ensure you are happy and comfortable. We will discuss the right size implants, the procedure itself and our excellent aftercare. Questions often asked by Breast Enlargement patients Why might you choose Breast Augmentation surgery?
  • Increase your self-confidence and feeling of femininity
  • Be confident to wear clothes, underwear, and swimwear you love
  • Change the size, shape, position or firmness following pregnancy, weight loss or the natural aging process
  • Achieve symmetrical breasts
  • Achieve a curvier figure
Is Breast Enlargement right for me? People choose to have Breast Enlargement for many different reasons. The procedure is most suitable for and most commonly performed on patients with small breasts, asymmetrical breasts or breasts that have lost volume or shape due to weight loss or pregnancy. There is no right or wrong reason to have the procedure but what’s essential for all patients is to understand the procedure in detail. What does the procedure entail and how long does it take? Is Breast Enlargement right for me Breast Enlargement, also known as Breast Augmentation or a ‘boob job’, is a surgical procedure that is commonly carried out at theNewyou centers. The procedure usually takes between one and two hours to complete, is carried out under general anesthetic and will usually require you to stay for a few hours after the procedure or even an overnight stay depending on your condition. We will begin by making small incisions in the natural crease underneath the breast, in the armpit or the underside of the nipple ar then insert the implant behind the muscle and breast tissue to give a natural shape before closing the incisions with surgical sutures. You can discuss the procedure in more detail with your Cosmetic Surgeon during your consultation. How much does Breast Enlargement cost? As the procedure is different for every patient, there isn’t a standard price. An accurate cost can be given following consultations with your Cosmetic Surgeon. Am I too old/young for Breast Enlargement? Breast Enlargement surgery is not recommended for women who have not fully developed, as the body shape can change a lot, naturally. To have this procedure, you must be over 18 and in good general health.. We thoroughly assess all patients, regardless of age and plan for the procedure only if she is fit for the procedure. Is it possible/safe to breastfeed with breast implants? Yes absolutely. It is important to let your surgeon know if you plan to have children and breastfeed as it may influence where the incisions are made. You can know more about How safe is Breast Augmentation. Should I wait until after I’ve had children to have the procedure? Regardless of your age, if you plan to have children in the immediate future we would advise waiting to have the surgery until after you’ve had children. This is because pregnancy and breastfeeding can affect the size, shape, and position of your breasts. What is capsular contracture? When you have Breast Enlargement surgery, your body will usually form a layer of healthy tissue around the implant to make it a part of your body. This thin layer of natural breast tissue is called the capsule and is a natural and healthy part of the healing process. Capsular contracture or contraction is when this breast tissue (formed of scar tissue and collagen) thickens with time and squeezes the breast implant. If you’re experiencing redness, inflammation or pain, you should always contact your clinic immediately. What implants do you use and what benefits do they offer? At theNewyou we use Mentor breast implants. Mentor, a Johnson & Johnson brand, has been producing the highest quality breast implants for more than 20 years. They are approved by the FDA (US Food and Drugs Administration), come with a 10-year warranty and exceed CE and MHRA testing standards following more than 20 years of clinical data. They are also the UK’s leading provider of implants for breast reconstruction patients. How do I choose the right cup size? Choosing the right size is crucial and this will be a big part of your surgical consultations. The sizes available to you will depend on your current breast size, your build and the amount of loose fat or skin in the chest area. We recommend that you don’t increase your breast size by more than one or two cup sizes. How long will it take me to fully recover? You will be required to stay overnight following your surgery and you will need to wear a special, supportive post-surgical bra 24 hours a day. This is a bit like a sports bra and is designed to support your new breasts and protect them during the healing process. Every patient is different so recovery times vary, however, we usually expect patients to make a full recovery and return to normal activities four to six weeks after surgery. Most people return to work one to two weeks after the procedure. Will I be left with scars? Surgical incisions are made in the most discreet places possible. This means that scarring is minimal and usually hidden in the armpit or under the natural creases of the breasts. Any scarring you are left with will fade over time until you are left with very faint marks that are barely noticeable. What are the risks? The risks with Breast Enlargement are the same as with any surgical procedure that requires a general anesthetic. Capsular contracture is the most common complication of Breast Enlargement surgery. The risks and details of the procedure will be fully explained during your consultation. How long do breast implants last? We use Mentor breast implants and these come with a 10-year warranty (which includes a free replacement in the case of capsular contracture. It’s important to bear in mind, breast implants will usually last between 10 and 12 years, after which they’ll need to be replaced. Do I need to take any long-term precautions after Breast Enlargement surgery? No. The only precautions you’ll need to take are any that you took before you had your surgery. There are many myths surrounding breast implants and flying for example, but these have no basis in truth. What aftercare is available to me? Your full and quick Breast Augmentation Surgery recovery is our main priority, that’s why you will be seen by a fully trained, qualified medical professional to understand the recovery process and aftercare. Following your Breast Enlargement surgery, you will stay in hospital overnight so we can monitor your progress and ensure you’re recovering as expected. When you’re ready to go home we’ll give you printed advice to take with you, as well as a number to call 24 hours a day if you have any questions or concerns. Follow up appointments will be arranged and it’s imperative you attend these so you can receive ongoing aftercare from your team of medical professionals. We pride ourselves on always being there to put your mind at ease in the weeks, months and years following your Breast Enlargement surgery. We recommend that women with silicone gel-filled breast implants have an MRI three years after the procedure and every two years after that. It’s also important that you get into good habits straight away, by checking your breasts regularly for any changes in the shape, size or position of your implants. As our patient, you’ll receive dedicated care, support, and advice from our team of Cosmetic Nurses and Surgeons to ensure your recovery is full and quick. We continue to work hard to make sure our patients feel supported and cared for leading up to your Breast Enlargement and post-surgery to ensure you are completely happy.

Breast Reduction Surgery

If you feel that your breasts are overly large and not in proportion with the rest of your body, you are not alone. Many women visit our clinic with the same problem and many opt for breast reduction surgery with one of our highly trained and experienced cosmetic surgeons. We understand that having overly large breasts can affect self-confidence but also cause physical discomfort in the form of back and neck pain, and can make it difficult to find clothes and swimwear to fit properly and look as you’d like them to. Breast reduction surgery is a simple procedure that can have a profoundly positive effect on self-esteem, can increase the ability to move freely and exercise, and can ensure you feel comfortable with how your body looks. Many of our breast reduction patients say having the surgery has changed their life.

Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem
  • A wider choice of bras/swimwear
  • Improvement in posture
  • The ability to wear more fitted clothing
  • Reduced chance backache
  • Ability to participate in sporting activities

The Procedure for Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery is a commonly performed and straightforward operation which involves reducing the amount of breast and fatty tissues whilst uplifting the breast tissue. The operation is carried out under general anesthetic and you will be required to stay in the hospital for one to two nights, and to take one to two weeks off work. The surgery itself usually takes around three hours to complete, but this is dependent on the size of your breasts and on whether the surgeon needs to reposition the nipples in order to achieve a completely natural look.

Choosing to have Breast Reduction Surgery

There are many reasons why people choose to have breast reduction surgery:
  • Heavy and pendulous breasts which give mild discomfort
  • Larger than normal breasts and can cause a great deal of distress and discomfort
  • Backache from having to support the extra weight and breast pain
  • Shoulder marks from the pressure of bra straps
  • Difficulty in buying clothes due to disproportion
  • Difficulty in purchasing underwear
  • Inability to wear strappy tops or even the choice to not wear a bra
  • Desire to look better in your clothes/swimwear
  • Inability to take part in physical sports

Who Should have Breast Reduction Surgery

The final decision will be made between you and your Cosmetic Surgeon. The procedure is most suitable for those patients who experience discomfort from their breast or who feel self-conscious about their size.

The Day of your Breast Reduction Surgery

Your Surgeon will visit you in your room and mark your breasts in preparation for surgery and will be there to answer any last minute questions you may have. When you wake up from the anesthetic you will have dressings and your supportive bra in place. You will be offered pain relief should you require it, and there may be drainage tubes in place in each breast. These drains will be removed before your discharge from the hospital. You can expect to be in the hospital for one or two days.

Going Home after Breast Reduction Surgery

Your Surgeon will advise how much time you will require off work (this will be approximately between two to four weeks depending on your occupation), how long you will need to wear your post surgery bra for and when you will be able to commence normal activities. You will need someone to look after you to relieve you of your general chores, such as shopping, household duties, and childcare. Please be aware that you will feel tired for the first few weeks following your breast reduction surgery. It is important to keep the incisions and breasts dry during the early days and leave all the dressings intact until you return to the clinic at approximately seven days. It is very important that you attend the follow-up post surgery appointment which has been made for you, to care for your wound and see your Cosmetic Surgeon post-operatively to make sure that you are healing well.

Recovery from Breast Reduction Surgery

Your new breasts will require a good amount of support in the months following surgery, therefore you will be required to wear a post-surgery bra or sports bra for up to three months during the day and at night. You will be able to shower or bath as normal a few days after the surgery, simply by removing your bra just before and putting it on again immediately afterward. It is advised that you take at least one week off work in order to give your breasts proper time to recover. Your surgeon will advise you on how soon you can resume normal daily activities and exercise.

Breast Uplift Surgery

Breast Uplift Surgery Childbirth, age and significant weight loss can all take their toll on women’s bodies – in particular with breasts – for many women, breast uplift surgery can offer a way to regain their body confidence. Breast uplift surgery can be combined with breast augmentation surgery to give you fuller breasts and correcting their position on the body. If you have found that your breasts have lost their fullness and are not as supported as you would like them to be, breast uplift surgery could be the solution.

Benefits of having Breast Uplift Surgery

  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Ability to wear tops without a bra
  • A wider choice of clothes
  • Enables you to feel more feminine and attractive
  • Rejuvenation of the breasts

The Procedure for Breast Uplift Surgery

Breast uplift surgery works by making an incision on each breast, the skin is then lifted and stitched in its new position and excess skin removed. The nipples will then be removed and repositioned to ensure that your newly positioned breasts look as natural as possible. If there is a lack of natural breast tissue and you are looking for a fuller effect, your surgeon may recommend that you combine the procedure with breast augmentation, which involves inserting breast implants to add fullness to the breasts.

Choosing to have Breast Uplift Surgery

There are many reasons why people choose to have breast uplift (mastopexy) surgery:
  • The breasts are no longer firm and pert, making it difficult to wear clothes without the support of a bra.
  • Following pregnancy and breastfeeding, the breast becomes flattered and ’empty’ looking.
  • Substantial weight loss from dieting can leave the breast deflated and with a lot of loose skin.
  • Ageing skin loses elasticity and can cause sagging to the breasts. If this happens prematurely it may reduce self-confidence both in and out of clothes.
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