Face Neck Lift Surgery

A thread lift, also known as a suture lift or stitch lift, is a non-surgical alternative to having a surgical face or neck lift. It uses threads, which are specialised suture material, to lift the skin of the face to a more youthful and favourable position. It can be done with much less downtime, discomfort, and risk than a surgical procedure.

This technique has been developed over recent years when surgeons began to look for simple, safe and effective techniques to counteract the sagging of the soft tissues of the face caused by ageing. They successfully developed a way of using fine but strong, suture material placed in the subcutaneous fat just beneath the skin in a procedure that is minimally invasive.

How does this minimally invasive procedure compare with traditional face-lifting techniques?

The standard or open facelift is not a minor procedure. It has many variations which all have in common certain features: the incisions are scars are relatively long, the skin is separated from the underlying tissue and the redundant excess skin is excised.

The changes in facial appearance are usually quite obvious and sometimes dramatic. There are potential serious complications, which although uncommon, do occur. A general anaesthetic is usually required. Thread lifting by comparison is a minimally invasive procedure requiring small, unobvious incisions. The skin and underlying soft tissues are elevated by the threads which are anchored into strong tissue (fascia) beneath the skin in the sideburn, area where the small nicks are hidden by the hair, and to the fascia in the deep crease behind the ear. Rather than the tight and sometimes unnatural look produced by an open facelift, the change in appearance with the Thread Lift is significant but subtle. It is more likely to draw comments such as, ‘How well you look!’, than to produce questions about what you might have done surgically. In other words, you still look like yourself because the tissues have been repositioned to where they were some years earlier. The effect of lifting can be enhanced over the years to combat the continuous ageing process by simply adding further stitches, as you wish.

The result can be effectively enhanced with Fractional CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing and Dermal Fillers.

What results can I expect?

The results from threads are generally subtle, and should not be equated to the results of surgery.

The expected degree of lift will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Pre-existing degree of skin laxity
  • Age
  • Skin thickness
  • Area treated
  • The number of threads used

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