Dr. Amulya


Chief Cosmetologist & Laser Specialist

Dr. Amulya has been in the skin care industry from 2009 who is licensed from the State board of California, USA. She has done Ph.D in cosmetic science and holds CIDESCO which is the world’s most prestigious qualification in the field of beauty from Marinello schools of beauty in San fransisco.

She holds the highest level of certification for laser hair removal (LHRP) from National laser institute. Although she is skilled in all areas of light-based therapies, she is especially passionate about treating hyper-pigmentation. Began her career in laser therapy, specializing in hair removal, rosacea, and anti-aging treatments.

“i love building relationships with my clients & helping them age gracefully over the years. Skin is an ever-changing organ, and I truly consider myself a ‘therapist,’ recognizing that the skin ‘issues’ a client had a year ago might be completely different from those he or she has today. I am blessed to have the power of cutting-edge laser and light therapies. Being a part of this industry is truly rewarding!”