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Everything About Face Fat Injection Treatment

A person’s face becomes thinner and more hollow as they become older. Puffiness on the face or other body areas is a sign of youth. Fat injection procedures are available that may be administered in the hollow/trim area to eliminate fat from your body (in the form of liquid).

Fat grafting might be effective if you lose fat in specific places of your body or face. Natural filler of this kind is the most common and accessible. The majority of the body’s stem cells come from fat. Like fat-derived stem cell grafting, fat injection or grafting has several uses in cosmetic surgery.

A safe, long-lasting, and natural-looking effect can be achieved by injecting fat into areas that need to be volumized. It replaces volume in tissues where fat is lacking. To perform a fat graft, it is typically necessary to remove fat from one area of the body, prepare it, and then carefully inject it using needles that have been appropriately made into the areas that need augmentation. The technique might need to be carried out more than once to get the desired effect.

what is the Procedure for Face Fat Injection?

A thorough assessment before the operation. Before the procedure, you might need to see the surgeon multiple times. Before the surgery, a complete medical history and physical examination will be conducted. Your skin may be marked, your surgeon may take pre-procedure photos, and informed consent will be requested. Depending on your surgeon’s preference, local or general anesthetic may be utilized.

Fat is extracted sterilely using a specific suction cannula from small access sites on the abdomen, hips, or thighs. The fat is purified after being sufficiently removed from the donor area. A centrifuge is frequently used to spin the fat and filter out contaminants. The fat is then put into tiny syringes and injected through small skin-access holes into the areas that need augmentation. Numerous passes are made as the fat is arranged in a three-dimensional latticework that maximizes the ingrowth of blood vessels and fat survival. The surgeon can then massage the areas where the injections were made to produce a pleasing shape.

Depending on how fast the required amount of fat is taken and the region to be injected, the process may take between two and three hours, but this varies substantially.

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What are the potential Risks and Complications of Face Fat Injection?

The most frequent postoperative side effect is swelling. However, the majority of the swelling disappears within a few weeks. A thin layer of blood under the skin causes bruising in both the donor and recipient sites. It takes two to three weeks for this to settle itself. Therefore, it is uncommon to need a transfusion. The skin that covers the donor and injected sites is numb. Usually, this is just temporary. You can notice a minor asymmetry or irregularity in the shape. As the swelling goes down, this usually gets better. Since it is impossible to anticipate how much fat would survive and how much will be resorbed, the deficiency may be under corrected or overcorrected.


Plastic surgeons use facial fat grafting, commonly referred to as facial fat transfer, to transfer fat from areas of the face that have more than enough fat to other areas of the face that lack volume. Curious about the fat transfer? Here are a few FAQs about the process.

Does Facial Fat Transfer Look Natural?

Yes, facial fat transfer delivers a natural, young appearance and is a safe procedure. What better approach to boost facial volume and contour shape naturally than by using your fat cells? After all, the body’s leading source of stem cells is fat. Moreover, fat can produce long-lasting benefits and revitalize the skin for a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance when used for volume-enhancing procedures. Consult with the best surgeon for fat injection in Hyderabad.

What is the Recovery Time for Face Fat Injection Treatment?

After the fat transfer, most patients notice an immediate improvement in their appearance. This is because successful cell transfer rapidly fills in hollow spaces with volume. The donor site bruise will last 10 to 21 days despite the three to four days of swelling. You can experience the full benefits in about three months.

Is Face Fat Injection Treatment Permanent?

Over time, the results become more apparent, and more natural collagen is produced. Facial fat grafting is a type of permanent filler. However, over 60% of the fat that was injected was retained.

Does Weight Gain or Loss Impact Face Fat Injection Treatment?

The transplanted fat cells will continue to function as regular fat cells in the location where they were injected, establishing a blood supply and continuing to live there. However, this implies that if a considerable amount of weight is gained or lost, these cells may grow or contract, altering the procedure’s final results. For this reason, patients are urged to be at a stable weight before the treatment and to keep it there afterward to sustain outcomes.

Can Face Fat Injection Treatment Fix Saggy Skin?

Naturally, the purpose of fat transfer is to rejuvenate the appearance and contour of the aging face. In addition, fat transfer can help with mild to moderate skin sagging because the decrease in facial volume contributes to drooping skin. However, patients with moderate to severe facial skin laxity should consider a more thorough anti-aging procedure, such as a facelift, because more widespread sagging skin might not tighten up enough after therapy.

What is the Fat Injection Treatment Cost in Hyderabad?

The cost of a fat injection procedure varies depending on the doctor’s level of experience, the clinic’s location, and the size of the body area that requires fat transfer. The price of a fat injection procedure may include the surgeon’s fees but not costs for the surgical facility, anesthesia, testing, drugs, surgical attire, or other costs associated with fat transfer.


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