Is Laser Treatment for Acne Safe? If so, why?

Are you experiencing breakouts? You know, the kind that leave a red rash all over your face. Well! You’re not alone in this and we are here to help you with laser treatment. Not only will this method help clear up your skin, but it can also reduce your risk of other health problems such as acne. Do you want to know if laser treatment for acne is safe, here is some information and facts about laser treatment for acne.

What is Acne and What Is the Cause?

Acne is a skin infection caused by the overgrowth of bacteria on the skin. The acne treatment generally focuses on controlling the number of bacteria on the skin and often involves antibiotics or other treatments. Some benefits of acne treatment include reducing inflammation, improving complexion, and protecting against future infections. However, there are also risks associated with acne treatment, including developing sebum (oil) production that can lead to oily skin and worsening skin conditions like eczema.

What Are the Types of Laser Treatment for Acne?


Laser therapy is a type of treatment that uses light to treat acne. This technology can be used on both the face and the chest. Laser devices use pulses of light to break down and remove oils, bacteria, and other skin cells.

The most common types of laser treatments for acne are:

1. Carbon Dioxide Laser

This CO2 laser treatment for acne scar involves vaporizing the damaged tissues layer wise by making very minute holes on the skin, since the holes are very small and are made using laser instead of needle, there is hardly pain. This method helps in stimulating healing by producing collagen naturally which helps in growth of healthy new skin. This procedure can be done in one sitting and the recovery period is around 5-7 days.

2. Fraxel Treatment

This is most modern option and unlike carbon dioxide laser, it does not vaporize the skin instead it heats the skin tissues that are pigmented due to scarring till they burn and clears. This method is milder and usually recommended for sensitive skin people. More than one session is required depending on the skin type and the recovery time is usually around 3-4 days.

  • Fractional Laser Treatment. This method of laser treatment for acne scars affects only small portion of the skin and not affection the normal skin. This is one of the best laser treatments for acne scars which are deep, wide and big. The recovery period of this method is lot quicker as the laser affected are less.Fractional-Laser-Treatment


3. V-Beam or Pulse Dye Laser

This method is used to remove the redness of acne scars as the heat from concentrated light beams affect large blood cells. The skin in the affected areas shed as intense heat from the lights almost kills the blood vessels and then the shedded skin can grow back normally.

4. Intense Pulse Laser

This laser treatment for acne works on the color of the acne scars rather than texture of the skin. The heat break downs the pigmented skin by intense laser light onto the dark regions of the skin before reaching the normal skin beneath.

5. Pixel Laser

The laser creates very tiny holes on the skin allowing body to heal the skin itself in the process creating new skin which is smooth even for the scarred area. This method usually takes 4-6 sessions depending on the type of the skin.

6. Active FX and Deep FX

Active FX is suitable for small scars whereas Deep FX is recommended to deep scars. This method only affects the damaged part of the skin rather than the sensitive and outer layer of the skin. This method is used to make the skin firmer and scarless

7. Acne Treatment with UV Light

UV light therapy is also used to treat acne. It works by exposing your skin to ultraviolet radiation (UVA and UVB). This type of radiation can kill off bacteria and other skin cells, causing the appearance of less redness and inflammation in your skin.

How to Get Started in the Laser Treatment of Acne


Laser treatment for acne scar can be a great way to get your skin looking and feeling better. There are many types of lasers available, and the best one for your individual situation will vary. A laser therapist will help you choose the right laser for your specific needs and goal of treating acne.

Light therapy is another popular form of Acne treatment that uses short-wavelength light like ultraviolet light. UVB light is known to kill bacteria and promote healing in the skin. This type of therapy can be helpful for people with moderate or severe acne but should not be used on areas that are highly sensitive or if there is any risk of burns.

Chiropractic care may also be beneficial for people with mild to moderate acne, as it can improve skin tone, elasticity, and joint function. Chiropractic care often uses pressure and manipulation to treat diseases such as spinal cord compression and arthritis.

Drugs that are used to treat acne include antibiotics, hormonal treatments, retinoids (a type of vitamin A), beta-blockers (blood pressure drugs), antipsychotics (psychotic medications), and growth hormones.


It is easy to say that Laser treatment for acne scar before and after is safe but it is important to understand the cause of acne, as there are various treatments available for the condition. laser and light treatment options are popular choices for people with Acne, but there are also other types of treatments that can be used for the condition. By following these instructions and taking action on your part, you can start to treat Acne successfully.



What are the side effects of laser treatment for acne?

There are possible side effects for laser treatments. Swelling and redness are very common after the laser treatment. These are mild symptoms and usually disappear within few hours or the following day.

What is the best laser treatment for acne scars?

Fractional laser treatment is considered as one of the best laser treatments for acne scars which are deep and wide.

Is laser treatment for acne scar permanent?

Laser treatment reduces the visibility of acne scars. Though the treatment depends on the type of the skin and type of the scar. The post results of the treatment are permanent.

How Effective is laser treatment for acne?

Laser treatment for acne is considered to be very effective when coming to reducing acne scars. Consultation of dermatologist is recommended for effective method of treatment depending on the skin.


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