Breast Disorders in Men

Enlarged male breasts are one of the most common very common breast disorders in men. “Man-boobs” as it is often referred to often cause low self-esteem in men. In clinical terms, this condition is referred to as “gynecomastia.” This is caused due to the presence of excess fat deposit in the chest area and deposition of glandular tissue. Gynecomastia leads to swelling in breast tissue in men and increases the ‘enlarged breast’ appearance. People suffering from this condition will be glad to know that this condition is completely treatable and all you need is a correctional surgery.

More About Breast Disorders in Men


What would cause a man’s breast to hurt? Gynecomastia is not regarded as a serious medical condition and it does not impact physical health, but it can lead to emotional and psychological problems. There is no specific reason leading to this condition, but the chief cause of this condition is an imbalance of the hormones, specifical imbalance in the estrogen and testosterone levels. Other reasons leading to this condition are genetics and regular consumption of certain medications such as antibiotics, anabolic steroids, anti-anxiety, ulcer medications and so on.

Men of any age can get this condition. However, gynecomastia can particularly affect boys in puberty or older men as it causes changes in hormonal levels. Men who develop gynecomastia can start noticing changes in one or both breasts. The breasts on both the impact are not even. Male breast reduction surgery is often a safe and quick solution to problems such as these.

Some of the primary symptoms are swollen breast tissues, painful lump in male breast and breast tenderness. This is the time when men must visit their doctors for further medical investigation. As long-term suffering from this condition can lead to psychological and emotional problems, it is important to treat it at the right time.

What is Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast Disorders in Men

It is one of the most effective solutions to gynecomastia. It is a surgical procedure that helps remove enlarged breast tissue, eliminate fat deposits and make your chest firmer, toned and masculine. Many people confuse it with a weight-loss procedure but it is not so.

More and more men are opening to the idea of trying this common and safe aesthetic procedure. This procedure involves liposuction that eliminates chest fat. It isn’t a very invasive technique and all you need to do is make small incisions on either side of the breast. In these procedures, the surgeon eliminates the chest fat and/or excess glandular tissue by making small incisions. Finally, the surgeon contours the chest in a way that looks natural and fits on the patients’ body. The recovery process is quick and there is no major scarring, however, it is important for the patient to stay true to the surgeon’s instructions in order to hasten the recovery process. After this procedure, the patient can resume his normal routine in a week. However, they must not perform strenuous physical activities that may impact the surgery results or the healing process. The surgeon will use local anesthesia to treat breast disorders in men and it is important to notify the doctor about allergies and other such health issues.

Who Should Try the Male Breast Reduction?

The male breast reduction procedure has helped many men reduce gynecomastia symptoms. However, people with specific health conditions must refrain from undergoing this procedure. It is important to note that anyone who is in good health and not suffering from severe illnesses must only choose to undergo this procedure.

Men who have lost a lot of weight can use this surgery to get that sculpted chest that sometimes a strict diet and exercise may not yield. Men are sometimes asked to lose the extra weight and then go for the procedure as this will help provide the final touches to this procedure. Breast reduction procedure, however, men who are planning to lose more weight are not recommended to undergo this procedure.

Recovery and Risks in Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Men are expected to feel some degree of soreness and discomfort in the initial few days post the surgery. This is normal and one can control the post-surgery symptoms with medications as prescribed by the surgeon. Wearing a pressure garment for up to two weeks can aid in healing and your surgeon can suggest about the same. You can ease back to your regular life as early as a month.

It is a safe procedure and complications if any are rare. Some of the complications range from infection to excessive bleeding. Some patients may lose sensation in the incision area. However, this sensation is temporary and you may start feeling those sensations after a month or so.

Patients are requested to stop drinking or smoking before this procedure as it can enhance the symptoms. It is recommended to quit these habits completely to help in healing. Additionally, the patients must stick to a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle to stop weight gain.

The Takeaway

Men usually love the effects of male breast reduction surgery. However, patients must take the right steps and incorporate follow-up treatments with diligent care. Follow your surgeon’s instruction to accelerate the healing process; the more you stick to the instructions the more you will be rewarded with great results.

Consult your doctor to enhance your personality and it is important to choose a surgeon who has the right balance of skill and experience.

He must have the required set of skills to chalk out an individual-specific plan. He must also be a board-certified surgeon who has a good reputation. Make the final decision after you have planned the male breast reduction with your doctor to the t, right from your health condition, your target and the many risks it involves. Any good surgeon will listen to your queries and answer them with patience. You can check out the surgeon’s record and speak to his/her former patients and gynecomastia guide here. The cost of the surgery varies from clinic to clinic and you can choose the one which suits your requirement and your budget.

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