Skin Treatments

The skin is the largest organ of the body that forms a protective outer layer and is subject to harsh weather, pollution and toxins day in and day out which results in various skin conditions and skin diseases. Dermatology is a branch of medical science that is concerned with treatment of conditions relates to skin, nails and hair. Dermatology skin treatment helps in maintaining the health of the skin through laser treatment. Cosmetic dermatology and dermatology treatments for treating acne, cysts, hair loss, psoriasis, warts, vitiligo and other skin and hair conditions can be done only by specialised medical doctors or dermatologists who train in this field. The dermatologists(skin specialist) at theNewyou are highly experienced in all conditions related to skin, hair and nails.

Cosmetic dermatology treatments is one of the aspects of dermatology that is concerned with improvement of the outer appearance of the patient’s skin and hair and laser dermatology in this case along with botox injections, fat injections and collagen injections is used for reducing age spots, fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of skin aging along with removal of scars. Now, improving your appearance and staying youthful is in your hands with the advanced dermatology services of theNewyou.

Experience 20+ Years
Education and Training Fellowship in Aesthetic Surgery (Brazil & Newyork)
MS (General Surgery)
MCh (Plastic Surgery)

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