Do's and Don’ts Before Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Do’s and Don’ts Before Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Hormonal imbalances sometimes make men develop man boobs or a female-like chest in men. We call it gynecomastia or moobs as it is more commonly known as. While there are a number of physicians who may suggest a regular exercise routine to reduce the swelling if diet and exercise do not work, the only way you can get permanent results for Male breast reduction in India through gynecomastia surgery; of course, one has been patient to see the result naturally.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery

However many men harbor safety concerns about the surgery. Will the surgery pose any negative impact on the body? How do I prepare for gynecomastia surgery? Will, there be side-effects of the surgery? Don’t worry we have got you covered.

The Condition and Do’s and Don’ts Before Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Before getting into the do’s and don’ts before and after the male breast reduction surgery let’s discuss this procedure. Gynecomastia is derived from the Latin and Greek language: Gyneco – ’woman’ and the Latin version of the Greek word mazos – ‘breast’ which is a version of mastos.

Most men get this on both sides of the chest; at least it is evident in 70 percent of the cases. There are two different variations of gynecomastia one is true gynecomastia where there is enlarged glandular tissues and Pseudogynecomastia, where there is extra fat deposition. You can know more about Gynecomastia vs Pseudogynecomastia also.

Why does one suffer from gynecomastia? Well, there is no concrete evidence for the same but there are some common factors that may lead to gynecomastia. A few of the reasons are more anabolic steroid usage, regular contamination of xenoestrogens (estrogen absorption from outside sources) and hence more and more people are suffering from this condition.

The disruption of the ratio of estrogens (female hormone) to testosterone (male hormone) is mostly what causes this condition. Estrogen makes breast tissue grow, while testosterone, the “male hormone” is what inhibits the growth of the breast tissue.

Different Types of Gynecomastia

Grades of gynecomastia

There are four types of clinical gynecomastia depending on the severity.

  1. Grade 1 small enlargement, this condition is minus the excess skin over the chest.
  2. Grade 2 moderate enlargements; this has excess skin over the chest.
  3. Grade 3 moderate enlargements; this has even more excess skin over the chest.
  4. Grade 4 marked enlargement with a lot more extra skin over the chest.

How to Get Rid of Gynecomastia Permanently?

For treating mild cases of gynecomastia there are non-surgical alternatives such as dieting, Ayurveda medicines, gym, and certain pills.

Young boys belonging to the Pre-pubertal or pubertal age do not require any treatment usually as the condition is resolved on its own as the hormone levels slowly turn to normal.

However, most adults who are suffering from gynecomastia needs treatment in the form of liposuction and gland incision to correct this condition. This type of surgery requires a highly advanced technique performed by a specialized experienced plastic surgeon.

What are the Age Criteria for Gynecomastia Surgery?

A male who is an adult can opt for the surgery provided he is medically fit otherwise. Just ensure you undergo a complete medical evaluation and follow some of the other dos and don’ts prior and post the surgery.

Do’s and Don’ts Before Male Breast Reduction Surgery

What are the don’ts before a male breast reduction? Know more here.

  1. Smoking

If you smoke, ensure you quit smoking at least two weeks prior to the surgery smoking as nicotine has a detrimental effect on healing.

  1. Alcohol

Abstain from alcohol at least one week before the surgery.

  1. Blood thinners

Stop taking aspirin-containing products 10 days before the surgery, certain medications which are said to be blood thinners, herbal supplements, and vitamin E, herbal and garlic supplements.

  1. Take some time off

How many days rest after gynecomastia surgery? Patients saddled with a sedentary job or desk job may have to go back to work within a spate of four days or so. If you have a strenuous job, you may have to take at least two weeks off.

  1. Avoid scented cream or soap

Stop using chemicals such as deodorant, sprays or hair sprays.

  1. Stop the intake of food or drink

Stop taking food or drink any time after midnight on the day before the surgery as it can affect the sedation during the procedure.

What to do Before a Male Breast Reduction?

When it comes to do’s and don’ts before male breast reduction surgery, we have already covered the don’ts; now let us focus on the dos before the surgery.

  1. Medications:

Share all the details medications and supplements you are regularly taking with your doctor. Two weeks before the surgery you can start taking one multivitamin per day.

  1. Sickness:

If you are under the weather such as suffering from an active infection, let the doctor know all about it before your gynecomastia surgery.

  1. Someone to take care of you:

Get a responsible adult on board who would take care of you, drive you home, help you with your chores and stay with you for the first 24 hours following your procedure. Discuss the same with your doctor.

  1. Prescriptions:

Evaluate the instructions given to you and clarify the same if need be before the surgery.

  1. Lab reports:

Get all the lab reports on board including EKG, mammogram, and medical clearances to give the surgery a go-ahead.

Ensure you follow the dos and don’ts before a gynecomastia surgery to the t to get the best results. Get the treatment under an experienced surgeon in a reputed plastic or cosmetic clinic.

Many men suffer from Gynecomastia but are afraid almost embarrassed to go to a surgeon to resolve the condition, especially for adults because unlike in the case of adolescents where the condition resolves on its own, it’s not the same with the adults. If you want to get rid of it permanently with minimally invasive surgical options that are available.

Gynecomastia is not a life-threatening condition, but it may affect you deeply psychologically and it may impact one’s confidence levels also social life. So follow the right diet after gynecomastia surgery, cut yourself some slack as you rest it out for a few days to recuperate and recover and then meet a more chiseled and confident you.

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