Tummy tuck recovery

How to Reduce Swelling after Tummy Tuck?

Are you considering going for tummy tuck surgery? Then you must learn all the tips that will help you recover. Your recovery will include several factors such as your weight, age, and health. It all depends on the type of tummy tuck surgery you undergo.

After surgery, all you want to do is bounce back to your old routine, but it’s important that you allow your body time to heal. After the surgery you require a few hours to recover in some cases you may have to stay for one night or sometimes even longer. Your recovery journey begins after you leave the hospital. Reduce swelling after tummy tuck with these tips and tricks.

How to Reduce Swelling after Tummy Tuck

A Much-Deserved Break for Recovery

Figuring out a specific time frame is important to chart your course towards recovery; this will mean taking a break from certain aspects of your life.
You will have to keep your drains for a few days after the surgery. You’ll have to learn the ropes of how to take care of and empty the drains. You may need to continue certain medications such as antibiotics and an anticoagulant while you keep your drains in place.

You’ll wear an abdominal binder or compressor garment for about six weeks. This helps avoid fluid buildup and may support the abdomen.

A mini-tummy tuck needs a shorter time frame for recovery but you may still need to follow certain regulations such as avoiding strenuous activity for at least six weeks. This includes strenuous workouts or heavy lifting.

Expectations Post Surgery

Your surgeon will provide a set of questions which you may need to follow to the t to accelerate the recovery process. Take a look at some of the instructions that you will have to follow,

  • How to take care of the incisions and drain tubes.
  • How to avoid infections.
  • What are the exercises and strenuous activities to avoid for at least 6 weeks?
  • When to go for check-ups?
  • How much longer to wear your abdominal pressure garment?
  • The exact foods to eat to enable quicker healing.

Ensure you have someone to drive you post-surgery from the hospital and help manage your home for the initial few days. You can start to shower 48 hours after you get rid of your drainage tubes. Meanwhile, you may continue to do a sponge bath until you are given the go-ahead to shower.

You should also avoid certain things such as alcohol if you’re taking certain medications such as pain medications, and stay away from any kinds of nicotine for at least six weeks. Smoking can affect the healing process like no other and may lead to further complications.

Tummy tuck recovery

It is very common to experience swelling after going through a tummy tuck surgery in Hyderabad. You may also notice other symptoms such as mild to moderate abdominal pain and discomfort after the surgery. Usually, the pain and discomfort subside within six weeks. However, in some cases, the stomach/abdominal swelling may last up to six months. It is crucial to continue with the follow-up appointments during the recovery period. Ensure you contact your surgeon immediately if the swelling progressively gets worse. If you want to hasten the recovery process and reduce swelling, here are some things which you can do. A few of the steps that can reduce the swelling and make the journey towards healing quicker are as follows,

  • Soothe Your Pain with MedicationsOne of the quickest ways to combat swelling after a tummy tuck is to take over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication. Your plastic surgeon may even suggest a painkiller to soothe your inflamed tummy. Refrain from using blood-thinner medications especially if you have a bleeding disorder as it may impact the clotting process. The best thing to do to speed up the recovery period is to rest and limit movements.
  • Wear a Compression GarmentA compression garment works great in controlling the swelling after a tummy tuck surgery. This tight-fitting garment compresses and squeezes the area, in this case, the stomach and/or abdomen. A compression garment is very effective during the tummy tuck recovery period as it prevents your wounds from opening, reduces swelling and notches up the healing process. Although compression garments are uncomfortable, the tightness will help you heal more smoothly. Over time the garment needs to slacken up to make it more comfortable to wear. It is important that you wear the garment for at least two months.
  • Consume Healthy FoodsFood is the best ally in your healing journey. Ensure you consume healthy foods after the tummy tuck surgery. Ensure you eat loads of fresh fruits and veggies to get the extra fiber and whole grains to your diet. Reduce and limit the consumption of salty and/or processed foods as this helps retain excess fluid. It is also important that you hydrate yourself by drinking plenty of fluids. Avoid drinks such as sugary drinks and caffeinated beverages and the only drink you can have loads of is water with lemon. The water and lemon is an effective natural drink to flush out excess toxins, fluids, and impurities, this helps reduce your tummy tuck swelling with great efficacy.
  • ExerciseWhen it comes to exercise, sometimes more may not be the answer; however, a gentle routine may work wonders, especially when you feel up to it. Avoid strenuous or fast-paced or aerobic-type exercises. The best way to nudge your way back to an exercise routine is to take a walk, a short walk around the block in the first few weeks helps improve circulation. You can gradually get back to rigorous activities when your surgeon gives the green signal. Gentle Stretching exercises will combat the swelling and lubricate tight muscles.
  • Don’t Forget to Follow-up Scheduled Appointments. It is important to maintain all the follow-up appointments. In the follow-up appointments, your surgeon will check the wound sites for inflammation and infections, determine if the drainage tubes are able to drain out the excess fluids.

Is tummy tuck surgery safe? Yes, it is and it is important that you follow the right steps to recovery to reap the benefits of a tummy tuck surgery. Tummy tuck recovery is a slow process, so try and take small steps to move toward your desired goal of full recovery. Ensure you talk to your surgeon or nurse if you have any questions or concerns.

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