Laser Hair Removal Works

How Laser Hair Removal Works on Different Skin Types

Beauty is hard earned for many, but these days there are lots of treatment options available out there to enhance one’s beauty. Hair in unwanted areas can become nuisance over a period of time. Some of the common options that most people opt for are waxing, shaving, and so on. However, laser hair removal is one of the newest additions to these options and many seem to prefer this over other. The initial investment cost for best laser hair removal may be more compared to others, but the returns are good in a long run. Are you planning to opt for a laser treatment for facial hair removal? Are you looking for a best solution for unwanted hair removal permanently? If yes, then it is best to first get a clear understanding about its working procedures and then take an informed decision in this regard.

Laser Hair Removal WorksHow does laser hair removal work?

This treatment option does not just target a problem, but also the root cause so to speak. A high intensity beam is used to target the hair follicles and permanently remove it. The intensity of these beams is toned down in a way that tissues surrounding follicles are not affected. It is not a permanent hair removal but reduction for most. Laser hair removal surgeries usually works on removing number of body hair in area being treated, but some people experience re-growth and have to schedule follow sessions to completely get rid of their unwanted hair.

Laser hair removal treatment for fair and blonde skin

It is good to know the technical fact that heat source of laser is attracted to the pigment that is found in darker hair. However, to attract this laser heat the blonde hair does not have the necessary pigment. This makes traditional hair removal unreliable on blonde and even pale skin.

The technological developments have helped to overcome this situation, and there are specifically designed lasers that have proved to be reliable. For example, the Alexandrite lasers work at higher intensity level compared to traditional lasers and provides the needed pigment to enjoy permanent hair reduction.

Hair removal for brown skin

The dark or black skin has even more challenges compared to that of blonde skin. One of the most common problems is of laser distinguishing between the hair and skin. The problem happens because the hair and skin color are often times same. Discoloration is one of the major problems that happen with dark skinned laser hair removal. The laser beam attacks the surrounding skin tissue instead of the hair follicles and this causes permanent scarring and skin discoloration.

So what’s the solution? Well, there is a special type of laser that works best in this situation. Nd:Yag is perfectly fine with patients having darker skin and it reduces the chances of scarring, discoloration, burns and so on.

Hair removal for olive skin

When it comes to laser hair removal, the olive skin is also considered to be most effective. There is a good amount of distinction between the hair and skin color, and so there is no problem for laser to target the hair follicles.

How do technicians decide on your skin type?

The technicians use the set principal developed by Harvard trained dermatologists and classify skin tones based on how they react to Ultraviolet light. This is one of the first few tests that these professionals do in order to check and rule out possibilities of burns and discoloration. This test is really important for the ones that have brown skin type because using wrong type of lasers can permanently scar tissue.

For the light and freckled skin there are increased chances of hair growth because low intensity laser beams are used for them.

Importance of a reputed clinic

We have considered the different types of skin types and how laser beams work for them. It is true that these laser machines are available and provide the right treatment, but it is also true that slight miscalculation on skin tones and type of laser beam used can have a devastating effect on the skin. So it is important to only get treatment at reputed clinics.

There are many clinics out there that profess to be the best in industry, but it is crucial to not trust their word alone but to do some research and find out whether they really are as good as they claim to be. How exactly can you do that? Well, Internet is one of the most reliable sources for right information.

Search for the right option

Compare several clinics listed on the internet and then choose the one that best suits your requirement. If you are not aware about the right clinics, the chances of ending up in the unprofessional clinic are higher. Here are some of the things that you need to look at:

  • Technologically advanced

Make sure that the clinic you choose to get your hair removal treatment is technologically advanced. The clinics should have all the different types of laser machines designed for different skin tones. All necessary tests need to be done in order to get appropriate results for the same. So make sure that you compare firsthand about the kind of machines that are available there.

  • Reputation in this field

Try to identify their reputation in laser hair removal much in advance. Reputation comes over a period of time providing in-class services and if they are reputed then this has a good bearing on their name. Ask your family and friends as well for their recommendations and inputs to get a better idea. The comparison will help you make a right choice.

Laser hair removal surgery has made life simple for many to get rid of unwanted hair, but there are certain important points that cannot be ignored. So if you are opting for this treatment anytime soon, make sure that you consider all the above mentioned aspects and only make a careful and informed decision in this regard.

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