Why Liposuction is the Best Way to Get Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat?

Almost all of us are busy in a race to stay fit and reduce body fat and this is extremely necessary because excessive body fat leads to overweight issues and obesity that paves the way for serious chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and even certain types of cancer. One of the worst enemies of the body is the stubborn belly fat that deposits at the mid-section and becomes almost impossible to get rid of no matter how hard you try. At times just diet and exercise is really not enough to remove fat from stomach and this is where the usefulness of liposuction comes into play. Liposuction surgery, also known as lipoplasty or liposculpture suction lipectomy is a safe and effective cosmetic surgery for breaking up and sucking out excess fat from various parts of the body. Liposuction is not only used to get rid of belly fat, but also the fat from the thighs, buttocks, arms and back.


Certain Facts about Stubborn Belly Fat

Before moving on to the benefits of Liposuction, let us take a look at certain facts about abdominal fat that makes it one of the most discussed health issues of present times.

  • You may not be able to get rid of abdominal fat with exercise and diet because the areas where the fat is deposited is determined by genetics and the body wants to store fat in the midsection because it requires the least energy to move it around compared to the legs or arms.
  • Belly fat is the worst enemy of our health because it is directly linked to insulin resistance, hypertension, increased levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides in blood and heart diseases.


  • No matter how harsh it sounds, but doing endless crunches and sit-ups may not flatten your abdomen and give you a flat belly. Crunches and abdominal exercise can strengthen the abdominal muscles but it cannot burn the stubborn belly fat.
  • Although abdominal fat is harmful, gluteal fat deposited around thighs and buttocks is not innocent either. Excessive gluteal fat leads to the secretion of abnormal levels of proteins that trigger inflammation, insulin resistance and heart diseases.

Top 5 Reasons Why Liposuction is the Best Way to Reduce Abdominal Body Fat

A perfect body image can work positively to boost self-esteem and confidence and it becomes possible only when you feel good about the way you look. Body shape is one of the determining issues that affect self-confidence and you can achieve a perfect body shape with the help of liposuction surgery.

Safe Removal of Fat

Liposuction is a safe and effective method to get rid of abdominal body fat removal with least amount of physical discomfort and bruising. The procedure removes fat from the body by using the suction method. During the procedure, a thin cannula or tube is inserted into the skin and fat is suctioned out through the tube from the target areas under the skin. There are various types of liposuction methods such as tumescent liposuction, ultrasound-assisted liposuction and laser-assisted liposuction and all the procedures are safe, easy to perform and cause minimum pain.

How to Decide If Fat Removal Surgery Is Right for You

Reduction of cellulite

All most all of us have suffered from this embarrassing problem that causes a dimpled appearance of the skin and is commonly seen on the hips, thighs and buttocks. Cellulite is caused by the fat deposits in the tissues that push and misplace the connective tissues underneath the skin leading to a change in the appearance and texture of the skin. Although, there is no definitive solution to cellulite, but liposuction can help a great deal in improving the appearance of cellulite by eliminating considerable amount of fat from the body and breaking up some of the fibrous bands that form the dimples.


Changing the Way You Look

In this world where everyone is extremely conscious about their appearance and are trying hard to maintain a perfect figure, having an overweight and out of shape body can be depressing and embarrassing. But you can tighten your bulging belly, tone up your buttocks and have slender thighs with the help of liposuction that is the best way to get rid of belly fat and get back to the perfect shape. Liposuction has changed the lives of thousands of people around the world and it can transform your appearance as well so that you can throw away your insecurities and self-doubts and flaunt all types outfits with confidence. Liposuction can help you overcome your weakness and provide an attractive shape and appearance to your body.

Sculpting Difficult Areas of the Body

Diet and exercise are undoubtedly the best way to burn fat and maintain a healthy body but there are certain parts of the body that remain ineffective to all the exercises and diet. It is really difficult to burn subcutaneous fat or the fat present right under our skin and the majority of subcutaneous fat is deposited around the hips, butt, lower abdomen and thighs and liposuction helps in breaking up and sucking out these harmful subcutaneous fats that is associated with chronic diseases like hypertension, heart diseases, cholesterol and type 2 diabetes.

Improves Health

Liposuction is not only helpful in providing a sculpted and shapely body, but also effective in protecting cardiovascular health by reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood stream. Liposuction has the potential to reduce the level of harmful LDL (Low-Density Lipoproteins) cholesterol that increases the risks of heart attacks.


So, give a complete transformation to your appearance and get an appealing and perfectly shaped body and flat midsection with liposuction.

Infographic: Top 5 Reasons Why Liposuction is the Best Way to Reduce Abdominal Body Fat

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