What to Expect from a Neck Lift Surgery – A Complete Guide

The cosmetic surgery industry is expected to reach USD 75.20 billion by 2030, as opposed to its last valuation of USD 55.68 billion in 2022. At an annual growth of 3.9%, the sector is gradually becoming mainstream, promising to alter Nature’s take on creating humans as unique as possible. The desire to have the perfect olive skin, a toned body, a beautiful contour, or a defined neckline drives people to give plastic surgery a shot. The neck lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure offering a youthful look to patients seeking the same. Surgery might not guarantee a frozen age for people, but the possibility of honing a youthful appearance is the main attraction.  

So, let’s talk more about the unique neck lift procedure. 

The Rising Popularity of Neck Lift and Other Cosmetic Surgeries and Why 

Today, men and women have become bold enough to take matters into their own hands if Nature has not been kind to them, even willingly going under the knife to undo the most undesired parts. The rush to own the perfect face, nose, eyes, body, and colour has caught the mainstream masses in a whirlwind.  

A few driving factors would be: 

1. The Media Influence 

The media is the most significant influencer, as you have seen many examples of individuals willingly taking surgeries to resemble their favourite movie stars or fictional characters. A slight twitch on their nose or sagging skin around the neck can no longer compel them to quit social life altogether. A small nose job done is the magical potion, and you get the perfect nose you desire. Then, there’s the power of social media, which has undoubtedly become the ultimate trendsetter. More users sharing their experiences on this platform about procedures like neck lift surgery have fuelled the fire. 

2. Cosmetic Surgeons Near You 

Many medical professionals have changed their practice field to cosmetic medicine; hence, a surge in cosmetic surgeons worldwide. This field, by itself, presents a horde of promising opportunities for doctors and surgeons to explore and mint money. Being the lucrative medical field, cosmetic surgeries have now become common across the country, in every major city and town. For patients, all it takes is just a few keywords away from getting the best neck lift surgery in Hyderabad or elsewhere in India. 

3. The Rising Fandom 

The fandom craze of superstars who are possibly the highest-paid customers is another influential factor driving more people across all ages to seek some form of cosmetic surgery. In fact, the film industry is touted as the hallmark of trend-setting beauty standards on and off-screen. But obviously, the number of people following them would tow the same path. 

4. Modern Technology 

Modern technology should get all the credit for boosting the popularity of such surgeries among youth. This trend will continue as technology discovers more advanced ways to improve a person’s exterior appearance.  

It is no surprise that someday, scientists will discover the secret to the freezing age. Till then, we can all keep our fingers crossed. 

5. The End of Societal Taboo 

Most importantly, the gradual erosion of the stigma surrounding cosmetic surgery is the main ice-breaker. Their popularity is cited by over 18,100 and 9,900 daily online searches on procedures in Canada alone.  

Since we frequently cross paths with all the above-mentioned key drivers, it is safer to say that cosmetic surgeries like neck lift procedures will emerge as the accepted norm in the near future. That being said, let’s turn your attention back to the core topic – what is Platysmaplasty? 

Neck Lift Surgery – How to Tighten the Sagging Skin Around Your Neck 

A neck lift is a cosmetic technique designed to eliminate surplus skin and fat along the jawline, crafting a more well-defined and youthful appearance in the neck. Though the outcomes can endure for a significant duration, it’s essential to note that the procedure doesn’t halt the natural aging progression. Neck lifts are alternatively referred to as neck rejuvenations. 

Platysmaplasty is a type of neck lift surgery where patients opt for reverse-age related changes through operating loose and saggy skin around the neck, platysmal bands/cords, and excess fat removal in the same region, also known as a turkey-gobbler neck. 

A neck lift can do wonders like reducing subtle signs of aging that appear in the lower part of the face. Often, a face lift surgery takes care of the excess fat in the same region.  

Even though such surgeries are medically proven safe and risk-free, a few pre-operation warnings might prepare you for the expected issues following the procedure. Such risks would be: 

  • Bleeding under the skin, called a hematoma 
  • Scarring 
  • Infection 
  • Nerve injury 
  • Skin loss 
  • Open wounds 
  • Reaction to anaesthetic 

A Small Tip: Sometimes, the outcome might be less satisfying. In that case, another surgery can be a feasible alternative only at the recommendation of the cosmetic surgery specialist

Neck Lift Before and After – Things to Expect 

Getting acquainted with the various possibilities about conditions before and after the surgery might keep you well-prepared. If you have second thoughts, consider referring an expert to clarify doubts.  

Here are a few things you can expect from the neck lift surgery before, after, and during the procedure: 

Before the Procedure 

Before undergoing a neck lift, your healthcare professional engages in discussions to assess your health and address your surgical objectives and anticipations. Based on this evaluation, they determine the most suitable surgical approach for your needs.  

You might be compelled to explore supplementary procedures, like a brow lift, eyelid surgery, or skin resurfacing. These complement the change on your neck and help achieve your desired outcomes. 

Your facial features will undergo examination and measurements, possibly accompanied by photographs taken to enable a comparison between your appearance pre and post-surgery. 

During the Procedure 

The period between and after the procedure is when you get the surgery done. Pain is expected, but not during the procedure, of course.  

But there is information you should know as a potential patient: 

  • A neck lift is either performed under general anaesthesia to induce a sleep-like state or with sedation and local anaesthesia to numb only specific body areas. 
  • Various surgical methods exist, chosen per the patient’s anatomy, skin flexibility, and desired outcomes. 
  • Liposuction, a less invasive option, is often carried out in combination with a neck lift that involves tiny removals of fat through incisions behind the ears and under the chin using specialized equipment.  
  • An anterior neck lift utilizes a small incision under the chin, allowing the surgeon to manipulate neck tissues for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. 
  • An extended neck lift, often combined with a facelift, involves incisions under the chin, in front of the ear, and along the hairline, enabling work on deeper neck and facial tissues, including excess skin removal. 
  • For individuals with substantial excess skin, direct removal via Z-plasty, primarily suitable for older individuals, is an option. 
  • Cosmetic surgery centers usually assign a specialist to assess your situation and discuss the best-suited surgery type, neck lift cost and recovery time, and the reasons for your dissatisfaction with your neck’s appearance. 

After the Procedure 

Following a neck lift, swelling and bruising are common occurrences. It may be necessary to use a specialized neck compression garment to minimize swelling. Maintaining a raised head position above the heart level and keeping the neck straight is advised to aid in recovery. Avoiding twisting or bending of the neck is crucial during this period. 

Recovery Time and Medications for Neck Lift Surgeries 

The pre-surgery time is the most crucial, defining the ultimate success of the procedure. Your cosmetic specialist will guide you through the necessary precautions, such as: 

  • Avoidance of aspirin and other blood-thinning medications several days before the surgery 
  • Quit smoking as tobacco promotes skin wrinkling and slows the recovery and healing process. 

The post-surgery time is also very delicate and has its own set of precautions; avoidance of smoking remains consistent, though. The recovery time for a neck lift surgery can extend for several weeks to months even, with the swelling and bruising lasting a little longer before they disappear. The incision lines usually take up to a year to fade but require a few preventive measures, such as protecting the skin from the direct sun.  

On the doctor’s recommendation, antibiotics are given to reduce any risk of infection before and after the surgery. Pain and anti-inflammatory medications are also suggested to alleviate surgery-related pain or discomfort and minimize swelling and the risk of bruising. 

The Final Takeaway 

Neck lift surgery can work only when you heed the aforementioned precautionary and preventive tips or those recommended by the specialist. The scars and bruises might be a botheration, but they are temporary, so give yourself the body all the time it needs to heal gradually.  

Pre-operative and post-surgery medications should be taken without fail, as these are crucial for a successful operation and a smooth recovery with optimal results. Adhering to medication guidance ensures a successful neck lift and minimizes complications. 

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