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8 Surprising Plastic Surgery Myths and Facts

As with everything else in this world, there are both positive and negative aspects of cosmetic and plastic surgery as well. And although, more and more people in India and other parts of the world are turning towards cosmetic procedures in order to enhance their overall physical appearance and correct the deformities, this stream is still shrouded by the clouds of misconceptions and myths that prevent people from accepting it wholeheartedly. Here are the 8 most common and shocking plastic surgery myths and plastic surgery facts that will surely change your perspective towards the procedures.


8 Interesting Plastic Surgery Myths and Facts

Here are a few popular myths and facts about plastic surgery that will help the reader to make informed decisions about the cosmetic procedures they want to go for.

1) Myth: Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery Are the Same

Fact: There is wide public misconception regarding the two specialities – cosmetic plastic surgery. But cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are not interchangeable terms. While plastic and reconstructive surgery focuses on restoration of any physical deformity, cosmetic surgery focuses on enhancing the aesthetic of beauty. It is used to alleviate a person’s appearance. Not all plastic surgeons have the same training. Therefore, it is essential to inquire about the doctor’s specific board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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2) Myth: Plastic Surgery Leaves behind Ugly Scars

Fact: As with all other surgeries, scars are also a part of plastic surgery, but the plastic surgeons are well trained in the art of aesthetics and are deft in hiding these scars and obscuring them no matter how major the surgery is. While breast augmentation scars are hidden in the armpit and the crease below the breast, facelift and facial plastic surgery scars are hidden in the hairline and at the back of the ears. Tummy tuck scars are hidden under the bikini line.

3) Myth: Breast Implants Cause Cancer

Fact: The United States Food and Drugs association has researched about the various breast implants and have approved saline and silicone implants as safe for medical use. Continual research is being done to determine whether there is any link between implants and cancer or other illness and till now no link has been found. Yet, it is important to opt for routine breast cancer screening, mammograms and breast self-exams whether you have breast implants or not.

4) Myth: Plastic Surgery Is Very Risky

Fact: Like any other surgical procedure, there is certain amount of risk involved in cosmetic plastic surgery as well, but the chances of a botched job or a surgery-gone-wrong can be minimized if you opt for an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon. Choose a reliable plastic surgeon who has ample experience in the field and who will operate only in accredited surgical facilities.

5) Myth: Cosmetic Surgeries are Just for Women

Fact: Although, women are traditional customers of plastic surgery, but in recent studies it has been revealed that almost 83 percent men believe that personal appearance also play a major role in their professional success and career advancement so more and more men are turning to plastic surgery, especially less invasive face plastic surgery and procedures like botox and dermal fillers and laser treatments which have relatively less downtime and are relatively low in cost.


6) Myth: Botox makes you Appear Expressionless and Frozen

Fact: There are 43 facial muscles that work together in a balanced and coordinated manner in order to produce the facial expressions. Botulinum Toxin, when injected in the right amount only to the specific facial muscles helps in reducing the fine lines and wrinkles without paralyzing the facial muscles or compromising the facial expression. Therefore, it is important to get it done by a physician who is well-trained, experienced and reliable.

What to Know about Botox

7) Myth: Fat Will Come Back After Liposuction

Fact: Liposuction surgery is the most popular plastic surgery in India and around the world, and it is extremely important to sort out the myths about liposuction. The body’s ability to produce additional fat cells stops at birth, although these cells do get bigger or smaller depending on the body weight of an individual. So, it is clear that the fat cells that are removed by liposuction cannot come back. But it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle by opting for regular exercise and eating healthy foods in order to prevent the remaining fat cells from growing larger.


8) Myth: Fillers Can be Easily Identified

Fact: Any cosmetic procedure done properly by an experienced surgeon will reflect an absolutely natural look. When customized fillers are administered in the right quantity and done in accordance with the facial structure and overall aesthetics of the face, fillers should not appear unnatural or artificial at all.

Although, plastic and cosmetic surgery has become extremely popular and mainstream in recent years thanks to celebrities, but the area is still obscured by various myths and misconceptions mainly because common people are still reluctant to give it a try. Hope this article has been useful in resolving some of the common plastic surgery myths.

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