Sagging Breasts

Sagging Breasts – Causes and Prevention Methods

The one enduring fact that most women go through is sagging breasts also known as ptosis. Breast sagging or breast changes happen with age, but other factors may make the breasts to sag. Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about sagging breasts, its causes, breast enlargement treatment and so on.

Sagging Breasts

When do you Notice Sagging Breasts?

There isn’t a specific age as such by which the breasts start drooping. It is also can have droopy type as some women can have droopy breasts at 20 and on the other hand, some other women have perky breasts at 40. Of course, age is the single most important factor that may cause your breasts to sag, especially after menopause.

Why do Breasts Start Sagging?

Why do Breasts Start Sagging
The breast ligaments are known as the Cooper’s ligaments, these are the ligaments that uplift and support your breasts. These ligaments start stretching out with time making the breasts sag. As your skin starts losing the elasticity it can lead to droopy, deflated boobs. Find out the top reasons why your boobs start to sag.

  1. Gravity-Gravity is what pulls your breasts down and strains and stretches your breast’s ligaments.
  1. Breast size and shape – Smaller breasts stay perkier for a longer period than larger or heavier breasts. Larger breasts are much more likely to get affected by gravity than smaller breasts.
  1. Body Mass Index: Women with a higher BMI may have larger breasts than women with lower BMI and more prone to sagging breasts.
  1. Sudden Weight Loss or Gain- If you suddenly lose a lot of weight or gain weight then it may alter your breast shape and make the skin around the breasts all stretched out.
  1. Smoking- One more reason to quit smoking, as it stops the skin from losing its elasticity. Heavy smokers with sagging breasts are a common sight.
  1. Heredity – Your genes may have a small role to play as well. The family can play a significant role to play in the size and shape or your breasts and how your Cooper’s ligaments hold it together along with your body weight.
  1. Pregnancies and childbirth – The number of children you have may impact the size of your breasts too.
  1. Exercise Without the right Supportive garment – Exercise can put a lot of pressure on your breast muscles. If you have large breasts and do wear a proper sports bra, your ligaments may get stretched and lead to breast sagging.
  1. Age- Sagging is a sign of ageing and the fluctuating hormones during menopause can affect your breast shape and volume.

Best Tips to Prevent Saggy Breasts

Sagging breasts is a result of several factors. It is difficult to prevent it. However, you can try and stop making it worse.

      • Practice makes perfect posture -When your posture is not very good your breasts tend to slouch more. So, always sit or stand with your back straight to support your back.
      • Always maintain a healthy weight-A well-balanced diet combined with a little exercise works wonders.
      • Keep yourself hydrated – Maintain the elasticity of your skin by drinking lots of water.
      • No more smoking – Smoking isn’t very good for the health of your breast so quit smoking.

Can the Right Bra Prevent Sagging?

Can Right Bra Prevent Sagging
Can sagging breasts be fixed by wearing the right bra? There isn’t any research available to support this idea. However, wearing the right bra, read comfortable and supportive bra can help lift the breasts and stop the ligaments from stretching too much. Women with large breasts must pay attention to wearing a supportive bra to stop the sagging.

Sagging As a Result of Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Although most people blame the breastfeeding bit for saggy breasts, it’s not entirely true, breastfeeding does cause the breasts to sag, but there are other reasons such as pregnancy that may cause the breasts to sag.

Breasts go through numerous changes during the entire time of pregnancy. Breasts become bigger during the pregnancy and especially when breast milk starts filling up your breasts further stretching the skin even more. Once you start weaning off your child your breasts may start appearing smaller and saggy.

Sometimes after pregnancy and breastfeeding, the breasts start looking bigger or smaller, it differs from person to person. If the breast tissue starts shrinking and the skin was still stretched the breasts start to sag.

Best Exercises to Prevent Sagging

The breasts are held up by muscles in the chest behind the breasts. Now, whatever you may have heard about exercises making sagging breasts perky again is not quite right. But, you can do exercises to strengthen the pectoral muscles and improve the look of your chest and boost your overall health. Your go-to exercises to perk up your breasts are push-ups, chest presses, and butterfly curls.

Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery (Mastopexy) is better at treating sagging breasts than breast enlargement treatment! Breast sizes that are normally proportioned or of slightly smaller size will boost the longevity of the breast lift results.

If you are wondering about the silicone implant and its usage well you can talk to your doctor about it, whether you can add the surgery along with the breast lift surgery. But if your breasts are large enough you should not go for implants as it may make it sag later, in fact, it may aggravate sagging. However, if you are considering restoring the shape and size of your breasts, these are the only two plastic surgeries that can help lift your breasts. Ensure to go for the surgeries after you have crossed the child-bearing years.

Consult with your surgeon about the pros and cons of breast surgeries along with choosing the best plastic and cosmetic surgery in Hyderabad and only then you can decide about the proper treatment about your sagging breasts.

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