Different Types of Acne

What Are the Main Acne Issues and How to Deal With Them?

Acne scars can be distressing, and it can be more distressing when you cannot get rid of them. The ugly marks that they leave, are a painful sight to behold. Everyday facing the mirror can be trying and on top of that, the questions people ask! “Why don’t you do something about them”? As if we don’t, but acne and acne marks tell a different story.  When all fails, we must resort to the good doctor to help us get over our predicament. Why should you go to a doctor to fix your acne marks? Aren’t home remedies enough? Not really, especially when you don’t have a clue about the main acne issues. Did you know this? Different types of acne issues require different types of solutions? This piques your interest, right? Whether it is acne treatment or Botox Treatment in Hyderabad, each of them requires specialized attention. Don’t worry, we will tell you exactly how you can deal with different types of acne and get rid of them soon.

Main acne issues and how to deal with them

What are the Different Types of Acne Scars?

types of acne scars

There are different types of acne scars that make our faces look pitted and spotted, so what are the different kinds of scars that mar the beauty of our face?

  • Macules- These are flat red scars that previously, was the place of acne lesion. They last for a long time and gradually fade away.
  • Skin Discoloration- Sometimes, despite the healing of the acne lesion it leaves an ugly scar and the skin discoloration persists.
  • Tissue scars- Sometimes due to excessive growth of collagen, there are enlarged or raised the growth of tissue. These are known as keloids or hypertrophic scars.
  • Tissue loss-Ice-pick scars, soft scars, or follicular molecular atrophy are acne scars that are caused by a loss of tissue.

Acne Scar Treatment Options

If you are traumatized by the fact that acne marks will always stay behind like a redundant bad dream, you can seek help from a reputed doctor. Take a look at some of the different acne scare treatment options available here and attend to different types of acne accordingly.

  • Chemical peels – This treatment reduces the appearance of shallow acne marks and also the pigmentation marks left behind when an acne lesion heals up. A Chemical Peel is used by a doctor, nurse and so on. The procedure involves administering a type of chemical solution on your skin, which removes the outer layer of the skin, which makes the skin look even and smooth appearance. You might see a bit of redness and sore feeling after an intensive Chemical Peel Treatment.
  • Microdermabrasion– This treatment involves using very small crystals instead of a high-speed brush tool to reduce the appearance of scars. It is a less intensive treatment hence, it takes time to remove the scars, so more than one sitting is required.
  • Topical skin creams – The topical retinoids (creams or serums) are derived from vitamin A and help unclog pores. They help in prompt skin cell regeneration. They also help in exfoliating the top layers of skin cells.
  • Laser treatment– It is a kind of treatment that removes the outer layer of the skin, reduces the appearance of the scars, especially the redness around the acne lesions. The type of lasers vary, depending upon the kind of scars you have- flat scars or raised scars. The laser treatment can continue for several days and healing is directly proportional to the number of treatments one has had.
  • Fillers – A substance such as a collagen, fat, or hyaluronic acid, is used to fill up different types of acne scars, especially those that give a pitted or shallow appearance to the face. Fillers are usually absorbed in the skin, so it has to be repeated from time to time.
  • Punch excisions– In this surgery, the scar is cut out. The hole which is left behind is set right with the help of skin graft or stitching. This treatment is used especially for treating the pitted appearance of acne scars.
  • Mix and match– Yes, it is exactly as it sounds, a mix of treatments to cater to your individualized scar requirement, Fraxel treatment helps even out the scars and then uses the filters to normalize the depressed scars.
  • Dermaroller – This is a procedure in which a roller is used to stimulate collagen production. Here fine needles are used to make microscopic channels in the skin and the collagen accelerates the wound healing mechanism thereby minimizing acne scars and greatly improving skin texture.
  • PRP Treatment – Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a brand new treatment that works miracles on acne scars. This treatment involves using your own blood to minimize the pitted appearance of your skin, all because of acne scars. This is also called “Vampire Facial” and many celebrities have popularized this, thanks to social media. Many patients have got great results from this treatment and are happy that their skin feels rejuvenated with fewer scars, owing to this treatment protocol.

These treatments may not completely alter the appearance. But it can bring about a significant difference. There are multiple skincare treatments such as Acne Scar Treatment in all the major cities, which you can explore to improve your skin appearance, clear skin is, in fact, a doctor’s appointment away so make that phone call right now! What are you waiting for? If you have been suffering from acne explore some of the options here and put an end to the acne issue, once and for all.

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