Good Laser Hair Removal Machines

Good Laser Hair Removal Machines Explained

The laser hair removal trend has caught on and every woman is knocking the doors of cosmetic clinics to get rid of the unwanted hair after weighing the options of laser treatment for hair removal. You will be amazed to know the sheer number of good laser hair removal machines such as YAG, Candela, Light Sheer, you may get to hear about if you do consider going for laser hair removal. Times are changing and when it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair, women want a permanent solution, not only permanent but a painless and quick solution. But what is this hullabaloo about different types of laser hair removal machines and which machine is best for laser hair removal? Do they just have fancy names or are they really different from each other? It is very necessary to understand this as each type of hair removal machines cater to different hair types and skin types. You can know about laser hair removal facts here.

Good Laser Hair Removal Machines

Don’t worry we are giving you a quick lowdown on some of the most common types of laser hair-removal machines such as Alexandrite, Yag, Diode, and Rubies and we are going to discuss each one of them clearly. This will help you to decide better and make more informed choices.

Good Laser Hair Removal Machines – The Various Types You Must Consider

As we have said, there are different types of laser hair removal machines, each one with different advantages and disadvantages.


Ideal for dark skin

Know all about the different mechanisms of the ND: YAG laser, it is preferred for hair removal for dark skin as it has a weak melanin absorption rate. Its long wavelengths can help reach past the melanin in the epidermis right to the melanin in the hair. Since this is best for concentrated melanin, it does not work as well for fine or white hair.


As we have already mentioned the Nd: YAG’s longer wavelengths make it an ideal choice for dark skin; also it is particularly effective in destroying hair at the papilla, the papilla is the bulbous-like structure at the end of the hair follicle.


As it has low melanin absorption, it requires more sessions to get rid of unwanted hair. Women with fine hair must steer clear of it as it can be painful and not very effective.

It is also known as Cynosure Elite, Cutera Cool Glide, and Candela GentleYAG and so on.


This type of good laser hair removal machine is ideal for olive skin.

Their mechanism of this laser hair removal machine boasts of a slightly longer wavelength than the other ones in the category. It is versatile in the sense it works on a wide range of skin tones, besides olive skin.


The top reason why most women or the cosmetic clinics suggest you about Alexandrite is that it boasts of increased spot size and repetition rate, which means it, can act on a larger area of skin at a quicker rate. It is one of the quickest machines around and its efficacy rate is really high.


Though it has a long wavelength, it has high melanin absorption, so the discoloration risk may prove to be high also there is a significant risk of burns particularly high.

There are some common brand names of the same such as Candela GentleLase, Cynosure Apogee and so on.


Diode laser

The Diode Laser is very effective against fair to medium-dark skin

The mechanisms of the same include it is one of the most popular machines suitable for unwanted hair removal. It is new on the block and works effectively on fair to medium-dark skin.


The Diode laser hair removal machine emits shorter and longer wavelengths, so it can help in proper melanin absorption and may sink deep into the hair follicles. Since it has long wavelengths it may also slash the risk of skin damage.


Patients with darker-skinned patients may require more treatments. Since it is a new treatment we still do not know about its long-term results.

The Diode laser has several other names such as Laser Lite, LightSheer, SLP 1000, and Alma Soprano and so on.


It is ideal for fair skin.

It is a tried and tested one and it boasts of a higher melanin absorption rate than some of the other laser machines crowding the market, it is suitable for the light skin removal.

Advantages: It is effective against very fine hair.

Since it has high melanin absorption, there are chances of the skin getting discolored so it is suitable for light skin only.

So, which is more effective IPL or laser hair removal? IPL is considered much cheaper than laser. Also, IPL is effective in treating large areas, while lasers work better on localized hair removal. Also, IPL works very well on pale skin and light or fine hair.

What does the laser treatment for hair removal cost in Hyderabad? It depends from clinic to clinic and the area of hair removal, also the kind of hair you have also plays a key role here. You may require more sessions and hence the treatment cost increases.

If you are considering laser hair removal, and weighing in the laser hair removal pros and cons, ensure you contact a good cosmetic clinic with state-of-the-art facilities to get the best out of the treatment. Are laser hair removal machines safe? Yes, they are, and yes it all depends on the clinic and the experience of your dermatologist. They play a key role in your laser hair removal journey. Choose well to get the best results.

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