How to Decide If Fat Removal Surgery Is Right for You

How to Decide Fat Removal Surgery Is Right for You

Substantial fat loss after just one surgery, wow! Doesn’t it sound too good to be true? Liposuction is all about losing fat from certain areas of the body, stubborn fat that otherwise is difficult to remove even with a combination of exercise and a diet.  So, is it the right choice for you? You need to consider this because you are undergoing surgery for cosmetic reasons and it does cause a dent in your pocket. Not to forget the fact that you are catering to a certain body image set to societal standards. We bet these questions would be swarming in your head, confusing you and making you wonder whether you should go for the surgery or not. Don’t worry, we would discuss the very same in this article and help you decide whether this fat removal surgery is apt for you.

How to Decide If Fat Removal Surgery Is Right for You

Fat Removal Surgery – Five Steps to Consider before Opting for it

You have decided to finally go for liposuction surgery; so have you considered the following steps? Going for any surgery requires you to put your mind through a certain amount of preparation. This is largely because you are in two minds about the upcoming procedure. Are you going for the surgery because you want to meet up with your health goals or aesthetic goals? What is your right reason, well it may not be easy to single out the one reason? But we suggest, instead of worrying too much, follow certain steps and go ahead with the procedure with a calm and sorted mind frame.

Fat Removal Surgery – Five Steps to Consider before Opting for it


  • Evaluate your health status. Be true to yourself, why exactly are you going for the surgery? Do you want to undergo the surgery to improve your overall health or because you want to cater to the requirements of perfect body image? That’s not all, there is also your age and fitness levels to consider. Also, it is not an answer to sheer laziness. You do put on weight after menopause and pregnancy because of hormonal fluctuations. First, you must certainly follow a well-balanced diet and also a competent fitness regime. If you do not get results from that, only then should you consider liposuction treatment.
  • Evaluate some of the other things you can try. Being obese is not at all healthy but going for surgery has its own set of risks. The best way to find out whether you are an ideal candidate for liposuction is by talking it out with a health professional. If exercise and diet aren’t giving you the results you want, then you should certainly go for liposuction.
  • Know all about the liposuction surgery. Liposuction is a quick surgery that involves minimum incision and scarring as the fat is suctioned out very easily without much blood loss. Women usually undergo liposuction in the double chin, hips, abdomen, buttocks, and inner and outer thighs. The surgery gets wrapped up within a span of 1- 2 hours under a spate of general anesthesia or local anesthesia, and it is taken as a day case.
  • Consider post-surgery needs. Following certain rules are in the order after the liposuction surgery. It involves wearing a compression garment for almost 3- 4 weeks to reduce the swelling in parts operated upon. It takes 1-2 weeks at least to recover from liposuction fully and get back to normal activities. Are you willing to follow the instructions set by your surgeon?
  • Is it what you want in the long run? Cosmetic surgery involves a number of things, and you have to consider each one of them with care; your time, your pain threshold, cost of the entire treatment and so on. So, are you willing to invest time, effort and money for it?

So, have you made up your mind about the impending surgery? If yes, then go ahead and try it. Looking good and improving the contour and shape of your body can have a positive impact on your mind as well, instilling in your new-found confidence and mental strength. Liposuction has some other benefits as well, such as removing fatty benign tumors known as lipomas. Men, suffering from ‘man boobs’ or from a condition called gynecomastia can get rid of the stigma attached to having a not-so-manly chest. and in general, liposuction coerces to stay on the right path of health and fitness. Though there are some risks attached to the procedure, it is generally a safe procedure especially when it is conducted by a qualified health professional.

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