Cosmetic Procedure of Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Male Breast Reduction Surgery – Cosmetic Procedure to Improve Breast Shape

The goal of gynecomastia surgery is to reduce the size of men breasts who are self-conscious about them. This procedure includes liposuction (cutting out excess glandular tissue) or a combination of liposuction and excision techniques. Gynecomastia can be successfully and safely improved when treated by a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Cosmetic Procedure of Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Both Liposuction and surgical removal of fat and glandular breast tissue are commonly used in male breast reduction procedures. Scars are well hidden after surgery because incisions are made near the pigmented areas of the nipple. Excess tissue and skin may be removed in severe cases.

Read here to learn about gynecomastia, its detailed procedure, and its recovery.

What is Gynecomastia?
Gynecomastia is a common condition in which male breast tissue swells and becomes sensitive or painful. A hormonal imbalance in estrogen and testosterone causes an increase in breast gland tissue in boys and men. It can affect men of any age, but it is most common in puberty and older adulthood. Gynecomastia can affect one or both breasts, altering them in diverse ways.

Gynecomastia Surgery to Reduce Man Boobs

Step-by-Step Procedure of Male Breast Reduction

Male breast reduction surgery is a cosmetic procedure that treats male breasts and helps men achieve a more toned body. It also reshapes the chest to improve one’s overall appearance. The New You offers the best male breast reduction surgery in Hyderabad, and our lead surgeon, Dr. Deepu Chundru, is one of the city’s top gynecomastia surgeons. The following are the steps involved in male breast reduction surgery.

  1. Anesthesia: Before the surgical procedure begins, you will be given medications to help you relax. Your doctor will advise you on the best course of action. Intravenous sedation and general anesthesia are two options.
  2. Liposuction Method: Liposuction techniques alone may be used where gynecomastia is primarily caused by excess fatty tissue. A cannula, a thin hollow tube, is inserted through several small incisions and moved with controlled back and forth motion to loosen the excess fat and then vacuum suctions fat out of the body. All the excess fat and tissue is now removed from the chest.
  3. Excision Method: When glandular breast tissue or excess skin must be removed to correct gynecomastia, the excision technique is recommended. A small incision will be required in the areola to remove breast tissue while leaving the smallest scar possible. Excision is also necessary If the nipple needs to be reduced or repositioned to a more natural male contour.


The initial male breast reduction surgery recovery is about 1-2 weeks on average. Patients must take it easy and avoid demanding activity to aid healing and prevent complications. You can expect significant swelling and bruising during this time, but any pain can be managed with prescribed medication. Patients can get back into their normal activities after the first one or two weeks, such as returning to work and light exercise. The male breast reduction surgery before and after results can be seen six months following the surgery.

If you are suffering from enlarged male breasts, a male breast reduction could be the right solution for you in helping you feel more confident in your appearance. The best way to learn about your options is to consult with a qualified cosmetic surgeon. The New You clinic will help you decrease your excess breasts and result in a toned and flat chest. Our clinic offers the best male breast reduction surgery in Hyderabad.

Get a Flat Chest with Male Breast Reduction


Does gynecomastia surgery work?

Gynecomastia is a condition that can be treated effectively. Gynecomastia surgery can eliminate large male breasts and achieve a toned and manly chest. The procedure is fast, scarring is minimal, and permanent results.

How to reduce male breasts?

Gynecomastia surgery will remove excess fat in the chest and problematic glandular tissue. It can also reduce the size of the areolas and nipples. The goal of the surgery is to make the chest flatter, firmer, and more traditionally masculine

Is gynecomastia surgery painful?

There will not be any pain during the surgery as you will be under anesthesia. Although, some patients will experience moderate pain after their procedure, particularly in the first two to three days.

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