Benefits of tummy tuck

What are the Benefits of Tummy Tuck?

A plastic surgery tummy tuck is an effective method to get rid of the fat in the stomach area and is particularly helpful for patients who are unable to achieve a trim and flat stomach with diet and exercise. This procedure is also known as tummy tuck and strengthens weakened abdominal muscles that women experience after childbirth.

Patients may have a number of questions before surgery such as a tummy tuck surgery and hence they have to find out more about the surgery before going for it. A reputable surgeon can answer all your questions and throw light on a number of topics such as risks, candidacy, scarring, recovery time and desired results. There are two kinds of tummy tuck procedure either a mini tummy tuck or full abdominoplasty. Your surgeon will suggest you exactly which kind of tummy tuck would suit your silhouette. But before you go for it consider the following points.

Abdominoplasty Surgery – Five Important Points to Consider

Take ample time out for the surgery and tummy tuck recovery

Well, Abdominoplasty isn’t what you will call a minor operation. Most patients can expect at least two weeks of downtime, where it would be difficult for you to do most activities. Don’t rush into doing strenuous activities; rest more and that is the only way to initiate healing. Taking time out from work should be your priority number one and also asking for some live-in assistance along with childcare and someone to help you with the chores at home. Stay away from heavy-duty physical work for at least a month. Listen to your body and do not overtax yourself.The pain, swelling, and fatigue usually last for the first four weeks and be patient, for it takes about 6 months to finally see the results.

Add nutritious foods to your diet to promote faster healing

You have got to nourish your body after major surgery such as the tummy tuck surgery to initiate faster healing. A well-balanced meal can do wonders, a diet that has a combination of healthy grains, lean proteins, and fiber-full vegetables; this will give your immunity a major boost helping you walk the path of recovery at a much faster rate. Stick to a diet full of natural unprocessed foods and steer clear of processed foods, they spell bad news for your health!

Maintain your weight before the surgery

Tummy tucks are surrounded by a lot of myths. Unlike popular conception, they won’t help you to achieve your weight loss goals, though they can help in fat loss in certain tummy tucks. If your weight tends to yo-yo quite a bit, then wait till you reach a stable number that is closer to your goal weight. This holds true for patients who have recently undergone bariatric surgery, so it is advisable to wait for at least a year before going for a tummy tuck.

Hip to hip incision will leave a scar

Your surgeon will tighten up your abdominal muscles making a hip to hip incision, which will leave a scar. The good news is the scar will eventually fade in the coming months and years.  The incision won’t be visible as it will be below the panty line and hence hidden behind the underwear.

The good thing about tummy tucks is that they are permanent

Let’s face it, a smooth flat stomach is a dream nursed by most of us and while we would like to believe that exercise and a good diet can help us edge closer to the carefully-nursed dream, most of the time it borders on wishful fantasy instead of reality. It’s only a tummy tuck which can make the impossible, possible. Especially women, who have undergone several pregnancies, find it hard to achieve that flawless flat tummy, which is why it is said that women should undergo a tummy tuck only after they are done with having children.  The result is permanent and if you stick to a healthy lifestyle, your abdomen will remain tight and drool-worthy!

good thing about tummy tucks

Well, we have only focused on women, but the fact is men who are having a hard time losing the extra fat around their tummy are also a perfect candidate for a tummy tuck surgery. In fact, tummy tucks are an ideal solution for both men and women who are finding it hard to banish the belly fat. As they say, the belly fat is the toughest to get rid of. But thankfully, tummy tuck makes it possible to achieve the goal!

When you have decided that you will go for a tummy tuck surgery, what’s the first thing you should focus on? A reliable clinic of course! So, you would have to do a considerable amount of research and that would include talking to former patients of the clinic and find out what worked for them and what did not. You have to get all the details of the clinic and the surgeon and after weighing all the options, you should prepare for tummy tuck procedure.

Before, a tummy tuck surgery you need to ensure that your weight does not change too much. Talk it out with your surgeon to find out all the do’s and don’ts of the surgery, the exact norms you are required to follow prior to the surgery and after the surgery. Also, if you suffer from a particular health condition you need to discuss it out too with your surgeon to know whether your health condition is perfect for the surgery.

Prepare well for the surgery and take precautions for tummy tuck so that when you come back home after the surgery, you will have all your needs are taken care of, such as the loose-fitting clothes, the ice packs and get some helping hand too, because for some days at least you won’t be able to do much work, let alone strenuous work. A helping hand is so important to have during this time, especially when you have kids at home and lots of home chores to do.

Get someone to drive you back to your home after the surgery; you won’t be able to do that alone.

Expectations vs. reality, there is many a parity between the two. But if you have realistic goals, there is less scope for disappointment. Don’t think you will come out of the operating room with a flat belly. It takes time. Give it six months at least, before you start seeing the results you want to see.

Top Benefits of a Tummy Tuck Procedure

Benefits of tummy tuck

The Short-cut to Great Looks

A flat tummy and a slim body cannot only make you look good but also make you feel confident about yourself.  Research also substantiates that people who want to lose weight and go for surgery to lose weight are more likely to keep off the weight and stay invested in their weight loss efforts. This surgery helps get you closer to your weight loss goals and the goal of flaunting a flat stomach.

Having a good posture is very important

Imagine a lady entering a room with a slouchy posture and another one who is shorter but with a straight back, read good posture, who do you think will garner the maximum attention? Yes, the latter of course! Having a good posture goes a long way in making a person look attractive. A sway back can eventually lead to back pain. Tummy tuck cosmetic procedure tightens and strengthens the core and the spine as well. This helps you to stand straight and you would immediately see a marked improvement in the posture.

Adds that Extra Spark of Confidence

Tummy tuck adds that body confidence as it knocks you back into shape. You will be able to wear clothes that you just eyed wistfully at a shopping plaza aisle but never dared to buy it or wear it. Now, with a tummy tuck surgery those days of skepticism are over, now if you wish for it, buy it and what’s more? Flaunt it as well! When you start feeling good about yourself, you would be able to conquer greater heights and be more successful!

Select the Right Clinic for your Tummy Tuck Surgery

Before you opt for tummy tuck surgery look for clinics that are reputed and doctors who are more likely to provide efficient results. Also, you need to chalk out a budget too and find out whether the surgery can be performed within your budget. Look for the best cosmetic clinics that are equipped with the latest equipment and technology to carry out the procedure properly and tap onto the benefits of tummy tuck surgery.

Of course, most people think that once the surgery is done, your job is over. In fact, it takes time. You will have to maintain a certain kind of lifestyle even after the surgery.  However, once you get back to the desired shape you will want to stay fit and continue with a healthier lifestyle, read eating right and exercising.

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